Off to Nasik

I am travelling to Nasik. I took a train. I hate travelling by train but i dont have any other option. Its winter season in mumbai but in afternoon time its real hot out here in train. But it doesnt matter more. Its just a three and half hour journey. i can play games or can listen to music in mean time.
Now train has picked up good pace. This is Godavari superfast express which runs between Lokmanya Tilak terminus and Manmad. I can see mumbai local train passing by. I am feeling good because im faster than this local train.
Most passengers are traveling with their family. Children are having fun. Their parents are happy to see their children smiling. I still remember those old days when my family used to travel by State transport bus to my Mama(uncle)’s village. I used to love to sit in window seat. Those were golden days.
I have heard Nasik is very cold in winter. I am very excited to experience cold weather. I am planning to jogg in cold air. Actual reason to visit nasik is to see my niece. Its been long time i havent seen her. Last time i saw her when she was 3 month old. Now she is more than a year.
Now bogie has become crowded. Lot of kids are here with their family. i hate when things becone over crowded. Anyways, now i have left Thane. I could see farm fields and mountains. This route looks very beautiful during rainy season. Lets see how this journey goes.

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