Travelling to Native

I am on the way to my grandfather(maternal)’s house. It is 40 kms away from nasik. Its been long time i have not visited his place. I used to visit that place when i was child. We all cousins used to gather during summer vacation and we used to have lot of fun. But now things have changed. Most cousins are married now and we rarely visit this place. 
Due to some issues my father is not talking to grandfather. Whenever i used to visit thay place with family, my father and grandfather used to fight on different issues. Thats why i did not feel like going to that place. Because whenever i used to visit i had to see fights. But today i am going there to make old memories alive.
Anyways, i am in state transport bus. Windows are open and road are dusty. I have sneezed couple of time because if dust particles. Village roads are very narrow. I can see farms, mountains, cow, dog, well and yes mobile phone towers. Bus ride is bumpy as there are some potholes on road.  Whatever it is but i am loving this. This place has not changed alot except some cement houses and mobile towers are come up.
I am planing to meet baba(grandpa) ajji(grandma) mavshi(aunt) and if possible i will see mama(uncle). I like to travel alone. I can roam free when i am alone. I dont have to care about anyone. When i used to travel with my girlfriend i used to take care of her. But now nobody is traveling with me whom i should take care of.
I can see dust getting deposited on my phone. I can also feel some dust particals inside my nostril.
hope this day goes well

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