Poor at money. Rich with heart

Mothe baba

The man is this photograph is a cobbler. He earns money by mending shoe for living. He is in his 70s and stays alone. He doesn’t have house to live. He sleeps in school during night. He is very poor. And most shocking thing is, he is my uncle(dads real brother) How unrealistic it is. I am a pilot, and my uncle is a poor cobbler. He earns 50-60 rupees a day. And I spend same money just for nothing. I feel ashamed of myself when I think of him.
Few days ago I was in Nasik, I went to meet him. He was sitting in market. It was bright day. I was concerned not to get tanned. At same time he was doing stitches on shoes. I was standing away from him and I could not have courage to meet him. I am very happy in my life. I spend lot of money on unnecessory things. But he is fighting for living and that to in his very old age. After some time, I walked near to him. When he saw me, he was very happy. I could feel his wibes when he saw me. First thing he asked me what am I doing in life. I said I am under training in Air India. He felt nice to hear that. He said I am proud of you son. Keep it up. He asked about my parents. He stopped doing stitches when he was talking to me.
After talking for some time, he orderd tea for me. I could feel his caring nature. He is satisfied in what he is doing and what he is earning. He was not having more money but still he got me a cup of tea. He also asked me to eat something but I refused as I had breakfast few hours earlier. At that moment, I was very emotional. My eyes were wet. I was feeling sad for him. Whatever he must have done in his young ages, but he deserves care in his old age. He lost his job in police, his wife left him with two childrens. He is alone. I don’t know exact reason but old member of my family says he himself is responsible for his present condition. But whatever it is, I don’t care abut what he has done in past. I just care that he is my uncle and he loves me a lot.
One important thing he said to me. He said, ” now I have become old. My days are getting over. I will die soon. But before dying I want to see you getting married. I want to see you happy. I don’t know dance but I will drink half bottle and I will dance in your marriage. I am proud of you my son. Do come here to see me. You will find me at this same place”.
Few days back my cousin set up a house for him. That house is very small in size. But now he has got a shelter to sleep. He is a man who will work himself for food but will not ask for help. Self respect means a lot to him. I could see lot of similarity in nature between him and my father. This man did lot of hardwork in his young age and still he is doing it in old days.
I love him. I pray god for his health. I want to do something for him. I am waiting for job. Once I start earning, I will definitely try to make him feel good.

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