A magical day

Today i have migrated to blogger. I was using WordPress but I found blogger very convenient because it is linked to my Google+ profile. I have simply cop- pasted my WordPress posts to blogger.

Today was a fantastic day. Me and Deepak went for a movie called Life of Pi. It has a story which makes you keep believe in god and it tells us that no matter what happens, you have to keep trying. 2 hours in cinema hall was very inspiring experience.
Here is promo of this film

After movie, we had lunch at street restaurant near Vashi railway station. Chinese food at that place tastes very good. Me and Deepak usually visit it when we are meeting at Vashi. After lunch we bought some books and decided to visit Parsik Hills. Here is a link of this place: [http://goo.gl/2p6pU ]
When we reached there sky was full of alto-cumulus clouds. Sun was hiding behind clouds. Visibility was very good. I could see airline logo on aircraft’s tail which were passing above us at 5000 feet. Sunset was nearing. Horizon had become orange colored. Whole sky was divided in color shades from orange to blue. In those shades white clouds were making that scene very magnificent.
Here is a photograph

Sunset view at Parsik Hills

An inspiring movie and after that a beautiful sunset. It was magical time. I am feeling very much motivated. But it was not end to this beautiful day. After sunset we headed to Rock garden in Nerul. It is big garden. I love to walk barefoot on grass. Touch of cold and green grass was making me feel very good. Me and Deepak were lying down, watching stars. In Mumbai we could not see clear stars due to pollution and dust. Watching stars while lying on grass was best feeling of the day. I was so relaxed. We talked about stars, universe, Buddhism, Alexander the great, King Asoka, Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts  and many more.
By the time we finished talking, it was 8:30pm. It was time to head our homes. We thanked each other for this wonderful time.
I do believe that some days has magical touch. For me today was magical day which made me strong to believe in myself. 

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