So called winter !!

So called Mumbai winter

Its winter season in India. Well I don’t think so. Its freaking hot here in Mumbai. I know this part of India doesn’t get cold as rest of country but there has to be some sign of cold. Today afternoon I checked temperature on Google. It was 32 degree celcius in Mumbai. Humidity from Arabian sea is making Mumbai look like steam coocker. I won’t be wrong if I relate this with Global Warming.

Last time Mumbai airport was closed because of heavy fog was in 1989. Now a days whatever fog I see in Mumbai is not actually fog. Its smog. Pollution and dust is making Mumbai sky look like iDot. I don’t remember last time when I saw stars in Mumbai’s sky. Last night is was very hot inside my house. I was not able to sleep because of heat. Fan was on full mode but it was doing nothing but puking hot air.

If you go outside Mumbai, you will see sudden temperature decrease. Cold temperature makes me feel good and motivates me to do workout. But these days after running for 2 kilometer my whole body gets covered with sweat. Its irritating 😦

Today I will be staying at Ajinkya’s house. His parents are out of town. I am planning to cook at his house. Cooking is real fun. I love cooking when parents are not at my home. Last time when my parents were out I used to enjoy cooking. Bhakti used to help me. I remember we cooked Alu parathas. It was yumm with curd. Cooking is an art and I am struggling artist :p

I like to walk at night. Me and Ajinkya will be going for night walk. I hope it will be cool in Thane.
Happy winter. Huh

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