A long walk and music

Last 10 days were very exciting and were full of surprises. It feels good to get surprised.
Today I am in Rock Garden. Its a same place which I mentioned in my earlier posts. My home is 2.5k away from Rock Garden. I decided to talk down to this place. Another reason for walking such long distance is Runkeeper. This is a workout app in my phone and it tracks my activity whenever I run or walk.

Laila, Imran, Arjun, Kabir

While walk I was playing songs of Zindagi na milegi dobara in my headphone. I have seen znmd almost 15 time till today. This film is like inspiration for me. I really loved the character of Laila. She is full of life. She wants life to surprise her, meet new people,have good experiences. Her character really made positive impact on me. Listening to znmd song while walk was a good feeling. Poems in this film are extremely beautiful. Its really touches your soul.

Rain Forest restaurant 

2 days ago Deepak told me he got increment stipend from hospital where he works. He invited me to celebrate it. We decided to visit Rain forest restaurant. But before having food, he bought 2 tin beer. It was KF strong. This was the first time we were drinking together. We both are occasional drinker. It was perfect occasion for us to get drunk. After cheers Deepak said “Hope it gets bigger and bigger”.
Restaurant was very beautiful. Its theme was rain forest. Food was tasty too. It was our first celebration and I too hope it gets bigger and bigger.

After dinner we went to Parsik hill to see how nerul looks at night. City looked very beautiful but visibility was poor.

Another surprise was when I was at Ajinkya’s house. It was her Maasi’s bday. She took us out for a dinner. We had lot of fish.

Today is cold evening. I am sitting inside a hut in Rock garden. I could feel cold breeze passing by my ears. I could hear cricket sound near me. Sun is setting down the horizon and aircraft is banking in the sky above me. Its a best time of day. My friend Swapnali will be here soon. I haven’t met her since 4 months. We had a small fight last time. Hope this time we don’t fight. 

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