A day with mixed emotions

Well this post is not about today, its about yesterday. Mixed emotions, yeah it was full of mixture of them. It started as a normal but ended up in extremely sad day. I experienced happiness, joy, friendship, excitement, loneliness and no money.

I was at Mumbai domestic airport with Ajinkya to meet his cousin Hira who is flying for Spicejet. We were already running behind time to see him. Before we reached, Hira had to resume his flight duty. I wish i could meet him. If we must have left home early, we could have meet him. Me and Ajinkya then decided to roam around airport, We were at arrival gate, staring at people coming out of airport. Watching people coming out of airport is not at all fun job. By this time i was very hungry. I did not have proper lunch yesterday. I wish i could have had good meal in afternoon. Before i left home, mom got some wada pav but i did not eat it because it has lot of calories. Me and Ajinkya were having very less money. I was having 40 rupees and Ajinkya was having around 50 rupee. It was very difficult to find cheap food near airport. There was a restaurant near-by but we could not afford it. Finally we found a cheap restaurant to eat. We had a bhel costing 20 rupee each and grabbed a Lays chips. now i was having only 6 rupees in my pocket. When you are hungry, you find any food look tasty. Same happened to me and Ajinkya.

While on return journey, my ex girlfriend called Ajinkya. And surprisingly she was at same railway station as we were. Ville Parle. Ajinkya is like brother to her. I told him to meet her, i will stay away. I told Ajinkya to not to tell her that i am with you. I saw her. She was looking pretty. She was smiling. I was staring at her. I don’t know why i still feel like taking care of her. But i don’t have feelings for her. I felt sad and lonely just because i saw her and i remembered old good days. No money in my pocket and watching my ex girlfriend made me more sad.

While watching her from behind the wall, i saw a young girl feeding biscuits to dogs near me. She was doing good job. Being a good guy, i asked her, “you do this everyday?” She arrogantly replied “No. only when i come to this place. Do you have any problem?” I stay calm. This is not my fault nor her fault. Its because present condition of women in India. Women don’t feel comfortable these days because of sexual harassment  on female in India. I was just being friendly and she replied rude. This was a add on for sadness.

very few passengers in train at night

Ajinkya was insisting me to come to his house but i did not want to go. By the time i reached Seawoods station, i realized i have only 6 rupee with me and i require 10 rupee to get auto-rickshaw to home. But surprisingly i saw my neighbor near station and he gave me lift to my home. If i must have not meet him, i had to walk 1.5 km to home at 1 in night.
I reached home. Everyone was sleeping. I went to kitchen and had dinner. I was very calm while eating. I could feel the feeling of being home when you are hungry and have no money.
It was not a day to remember but it taught me many things. Emotions play with our mind. Keep emotions but don’t let it ruin your time.

Seawoods station @1am 

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