A new hope. A new year

This is it. We all are into new year. I am celebrating new year in new city. Hyderabad. People in this city are going crazy tonight. Bikers are rocking city roads. Every one seems to be happy. And yeah I am happy too.
At new year countdown I was at my apartment near Masab Tank. It was like a normal night for me. Watching tv and switching over channels. It was a stupidest way of celebrating new year. At very next moment I decided to step out of the house and walk on the streets. I saw large number of youth cheering and celebrating the event. A walk at midnight and happy people around was a perfect start for my new year. I hired auto to reach HardRock cafe. Of course I went there to see drunk chicks. And I did see around half dozon chicks. I met few friends who just stepped out of HardRock. Cafe was close by now. I did not mind though.
Now I am walking back to my apartment. Bikers are doing stunts and guys are almost popping out of running car. I am walking alone and I am happy. I strongly belive that you don’t need company to stay happy.
I know this new year is going to be a most amazing year. To make it more amazing I have to work hard and win the battle. This year I will be A320 type rated pilot. My life is going to be changed. Getting trained in Air India was most outstanding thing happened to me in 2012. In 2013 I will prove myself as a good and safe pilot. My new year resolution are to stay happy, stay fit, start flying for living, eat healthy food and stay single. Well, I am quite not sure about staying single. I like one girl (I mentioned about her in recent post).
That day Divya did meet me at 9 o’clock. Today again I went to meet her. She was happy too see me. We talked for quite long duration. I won’t be getting much timeto see her once my simulator session starts. Now I have got nothing to do for few days. I will try to see her quite often.
This was best new year night for me so far. I hope we see a peaceful year ahead.
Life is good. Keep smiling

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