Journey back to Hyd

I am on the way to Hyderabad. My simulator training will resume in few days. Right now I am at Yavat which is a small town on Mumbai- Solapur highway. Its very cold out here. My palms are freezing.
I just had dinner. Mom packed me a tiffin. She cooked my favourite bhindi masala and roti. I had 3 and half roti and I am full. I am travelling by Sahara travells volvo bus. Bus is not quite comfortable. I am in very first row (I purposely booked in first row to get extra leg space). Pirated movies are being played on television inside bus. Sound is very loud and annoying. I have put headphone so that I get less irritation. Bus guy played Dabangg 2, Khiladi 786 and now Oh my god is on show. Video and sound is not synchronised at all. I wish I could have booked other travels. But I found this very cheap and had less travel duration.
Its 11:30 in night. I am planing sleep in rest of journey. I have a shawl on my seat. I hope it will be a good journey from here. I am having slight head-ache. I hope I will be ok once I sleep.
Today I was trying to wear contact lenses for first time. It took me more than an hour just to wear my first lense. But I could not wear second lense because I had to do packing for my travel. I removed lense and continued with spectacle.
I will reach hyderabad by tomorrow morning. I have a 7 day occomodation in Nabard guest house. In 7 days I need to find a good accomodation near CTE, Air India. I hope I will find a good stay and it will be a good time at Hyderabad.

P.S. I don’t have data connection in my phone. I will publish this post once I reach Hyderabad)

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