Begining of new era

03 Dec 2013. Its a very special day for me. Today I went to Airbus A320 simullator for my first supernumery session. It was a breath-taking experience in brand new A320 simulator at CTE, Air India. It was a routine check for Capt. Abhishek Choudhary and Capt. Milind under supervision of Capt. A Pramanick.
My session was initially scheduled for 1600 hrs but it got rescheduled for 1905. I reached there 30 minutes before time. I had 3 glass of water and made myself relax. After few minutes I clicked photograph of simulator. This simulator 3 is so beautiful that I fell in love with it. Air India logo on simulator was making it look more beautiful.

That was a moment which is going to take me to new heights of commercial flight training. At 1900 I entered simulator with all 3 crews. Capt. Abhishek and Capt. Milind were doing pre flight procedures and Capt. A Pramanick was giving them instructions. I was observing Capt. Abhishek as he was filling data in flight computer through MCDU, Capt. Milind was setting parameters on FCU and Capt. A Pramanick was feeding data in simulator master computer. I was just staring at cockpit of lovely A320. It was a love at first flight. Overhead panel, padestal, Display Unit, side stick, throttle…every inch of this cockpit was looking smooth as silk and attractive like diamond.
Capt. Milind moved throttle to take-off power. I was staring like a child. Before I noticed anything it was engine failure before V1. Capt. Milind rejected take-off and stopped aircraft on runway. Engine failure command was given by Capt. A Pramanick in simulator master computer. This is a part of training. After resetting cockpit conditions we went ahead for new take off. V1, rotate and we were in air. Positive rate, gear up. Wow! Everything looked so magical. During climb engine 1 bleed fault occured. Both crew took corrective actions. But after couple of minute same fault occured along with low cabin pressurization. Crew decided to return back to base. While returning they encountered traffic on TCAS. While on approach both FCU failure occured. Capt. Milind was doing manual landing. Winds were slight cross and it was not easy to maintain flight on localiser. At minimums crew experienced unstabilized approach. Go around and we again went up to 6000 feet. At 6000 feet Capt. A Pramanick reset the faults and we were flying with all ops normal. Now it was time for blue + green hydraulic failure. OMG what concerntration is needed to fly an airliner. Landing with blue + green hydraulic failure was not easy.
Capt. A Pramanick was using his iPad to refer QRH and adviced crew about same. During session he asked me “when break hot indication warning goes off?” I did not answer. It was 290 degree celcius. I took down important notes during session as I used to do it during CPL training days.

I want to keep myself motivated during whole training. Its my dream and I can see my dream is coming true. Tomorrow I have second session of supernumery in simulator.

Think positive. Achieve goal

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