Hopes and dedication

Dedication is something which helped me to reach up to this stage of my career. I was not sure if I could do this but as time progressed I molded myself to win the race. It was 2007 monsoon when I first stepped into commercial aviation studies. Things were not easy. But dedication made my path easy. Many people say I reached upto here because of luck. But this is not true. Luck played small role but dedication was vital element of my journey. My journey has not finished yet. Infact I haven’t finished one tenth of it. I am trying to stay motivate and dedicated.
Hope is what made me to stay dedicated. It made me to take big desicions. I did multi-engine rating because I had a hope that Indigo or Air India will recruit. Doing multi was turning point of my life. I got into Air India as self sponsored trainee pilot. Now I have hope that Air India will induct me. Because of this I took big desicion of spending big money for A320 training.
My hopes and my dedication are flying simultaniously. All I want to stay motivated and stay focused
P.S. I did not tried to increase friendship with Divya. I don’t want to divert my mind from career. At this moment I just want to stay dedicated at my dream

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