Her first touch

Today I had last two supernumery sessions. This time it was in old simulator. My all previous sessions were booked in new simulator 3. Though it was new simulator, it has become very special for me. I got to fly it today. Capt. N P Singhal was very kind to offer me to operate lovely A320 in simulator. It was a amazing moment for me as I started to perform cockpit preparation, before start check list and so on.
It was time to advance thrust levers to flex for take off. 100 knots, V1, rotate and wow… I applied gentle back pressure on side-stick and she was airborne. Feeling of touching her was magnificent. She is a lovely flyer. She manages everything I just had to be gentle to her. Following FD was very new experience for me. Lovely guidance it gives and makes flight very easy to handle. Few minutes later I tried Track-FPA mode to fly her. And again she was very gentle in it. Captain kept giving me heading to fly and I follwed his instructions.
Now it was time for approach and land. He tuned for ILS RW 28 and gave me runway heading. Flying FD made me fly on profile. I was giving very gentle corrections to her. Runway was coming close and I was more focused on following FDs to keep me on profile. She gently touched down and I applied reversals. The way she responded to my orders made me fall for her.
While on approch Capt. N Singhal asked who is flying? Captain said “Sir, he(me) is flying”. Capt. N Singhal said, “arrey wah that’s nice. You are doing good”. His words gave me high boost. He also advised me to read SOPs and FCTM. What best thing is I made good first impression. I need to keep it up like this.
Right now I am travelling back to Mumbai. Its a overnight journey. I am very excited to see my new borne nephew. I haven’t told my parents about my home visit. I want to surprise them.

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