A day of joy

It was a Sunday as a Sunday should be. Totally rocking day it was. I was at Kala Ghoda Music Festival with Deepak. It was a day to die for because I have never been to any concert before. Getting inside the concert was a big task. There was no Q. It was like a kumbh mela at the main entrance. Thank god we successfully finished task of getting in and caught seat with good view.
First was Akriti Kakar. She is very beautiful so as her voice. She sung title track of Johnny Gaddar and some more chart buster songs. Mood was setting up nicely for the main event featuring Salim-Suleiman. Salim started with Aye khuda and whole crowd went crazy. Later Benny Dayal, Kirti and one lady singer joined him. Man o man, they have such a fantastic band. The guy on baansuri was mind blowing and drummer was electrifying. They played Aiveyi Aiveyi, o re piya, tauba tauba, kurbaan hua, shukran Allah, maula mere and many more songs. But moment of the day was Chak De India title song. Whole crowd went crazy and were singing along. Me and deepak were dancing on beats. A memorable time it was.

After a concert we headed to Marine Drives. I was lying on my back to see stars. As Mumbai sky is not clean I could see only few stars. I did count them and those were 18 😉 . Sweet sound of waves colliding with shore was making me feel good. I was calm and enjoying the moment. I was right at the queens necklace. After 35 minutes at marine drives we started walking towards CST station. Town looked very beautiful in night. I fell in love with it. To fetch our hunger we checked in to McDonald’s at 11:15pm. 2 Alu Tikki each was a menu for dinner. I don’t like Alu Tikki but at that moment I found it very tasty.
A live concert, Marine drives and McDonald’s. Three of my favorites on same day. I could not ask for more happiness because I had all I love.

Marine Drives

Chak De India song live performance

Akriti Kakar live

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