Emotions and you

Emotions are like boomerang. If you throw it away, it comes back and hit you. Living without emotions is not possible but living with emotions is not good either. Someone has rightly said that learn to fool your emotions but never let your emotions fool you. Being an emotional person, i try to control myself to express my thoughts. But sometimes  emotions overflows. It can overflow in two possible ways. In form of happiness and in form of tears. Emotions in form of tears are very difficult to control because its hard to explain it to someone else. But in case of emotions in form of happiness, its very easy to express it to almost any person. My point is that sad emotions are very difficult to control and stop. There is only one cure for it. And that is to fool your mind. Its not easy in first go but as time passes, it shows good effect. But fooling your emotions may lead yourself turn into heartless. So first learn how to control your feelings, then work on how to fool your mind and try to adapt your lifestyle according to it.

I am saying all this is because these days i have become victim of sad emotions. I could not stop getting into depression. It is about my past relationship. But at this time while writing this blog I am stable. Its time to adapt as per condition and learn to fool your mind. Its not easy but I’m trying. 

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