Up in the Air for very first time

It was a day I was waiting for since I have started aviation studies. A day for familiarization flight on Air India A320 at Chennai International Airport.
It was a perfect day for a flight. Light cross winds, OAT 32 degree,cloud at 4000 feet.

intercepting Loc

Me and Divakar left Hyderabad in bus a day before fam flight. Bus was a Ac sleeper. When we booked a ticket, arrival time was 7:30am but in real it was 9:30am. We were very scared because we will be reporting late at airport. Next day we reported at 10:30am. Capt. Tony Davis was angry on us. He quickly got calm and started briefing. We 4 had flight that day. Me, Divakar, Mitanshu and Suzanne. After breath analyzer test, we headed to departure gate. And my my… I loved the way people were staring at me. I was in uniform and carrying flight bag. Air India vehicle took us to Air India A320 VT-EPC aircraft. She was beautiful. Creamy white body and red tail was an eye catcher. Capt. Sameer took us for external inspection. I was feeling like hugging her. A320 is a dream aircraft.

Taxing in

After external we were all set to go. Suzanne was on control along with Capt. Tony Davis. Capt. Sameer and Mitanshu were n jump seat. Only me and Divakar were in cabin. It was awesome feeling to roam around in cabin. After Suzanne, Mitanshu and Divakar, it was my turn to get on to controls. It was a feeling to die for. I started taxi. She was responding like butter. I lined her up on runway 07 threshold. Take-off clearance and there we go. Stabilized, Flex and she was gaining speed. Within no time she got airborne. It was light aircraft and she climbed very fast. I did not feel any difference between simulator and actual aircraft. ATC vectored us for ILS rw 07. On finals it was time for visual approach. As I was approaching runway my concentration was getting deeper. 50 feet thrust idle. 20 feet flare. She touched down very smooth. We went ahead for touch and go. After that I did one more touch and go and one full stop landing. 2nd landing was smoothest of all. After 3 rd landing we started taxing in. I was on controls. As we reached near parking bay Capt. Tony Davis took controls. Parking checklist and shut down check list. And it was over. Last few hours were more satisfying hours of my life. I pinched myself to realize that I actually flew A320.
Flying A320 was a dream. Now it has become passion.

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