Back to Relaxed mode

Its been four days I have been to Nasik.  After finishing training at Air India, Hyderabad it is a much needed vacation. Life at Hyderabad was not much happening. Only the best angle of Hyderabad was Airbus A320 training. Rest everything was very dull for me while doing Endorsement type rating. I was at Hyderabad for nine months in CTE, Air India’s womb and she nourished me the best way she could.
I wanted a serious break after finishing stressful training. I reached Mumbai with all my luggage and guitar. But it was not beginning for rest period for me. Shweta had RTR exam. She wanted me to teach her. I started her coaching on very next day i reached Mumbai. After three day training she headed for Delhi and next day i headed for Nasik. My father owns row house at Nasik Road. But this is not typical row house. You can call it mini-bungalow. This house is airy and big. I love staying here. Climate at Nasik is so good, i did not sweat here since i reached here. Life is very relaxing over here.
Deepak was in Mumbai and he was pissed off because of boredom. He had some work at Nasik, he traveled to Nasik to meet me. Seeing him after very long time was a good feeling. He is totally animated and crazy. He came to Nasik for three days.

A devotee enjoying Dive

 Next day we headed to Panchvati. A holy place along Godavari river bed. Panchvati is a holy place in Hindu religion. There were many devotee who came to seek blessings. Men were enjoying swimming in river. I tried to click some of them.

After few clicks and flicks, we headed to Pandav Leni where 1200 year old caves of Lord Buddha were are carved. Pandav  Leni was carved by Buddhist king for comfort and stay of Saints. This place is very beautiful and well maintained by Maharashtra government.

Pandav Leni carved caves

Today after finishing his official work Deepak left for Mumbai. Now I am back to my sweet palace( my home). Its awesome to be felt relaxed. After spending time with Shweta and then Deepak, I finally got time for myself. But I won’t be getting much time to relax. Air Asia will be conducting selection test very soon. So I have just a day or two to relax.

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