New friend is here

Yeah it’s been a dream come true. I was waiting for this moment since very long time. And now I have an iPad 😃. My dad gifted me this sexy gadget. I am extremely happy. Now I am going to make full use of iPad for studies and knowledge.

I got a very good deal at . This one is 64 gb iPad 3 wifi + cellular. I got it for 39,000 rupees when it sells at 48,000 rupees in market. So I have saved 9 thousand for this piece or you can say I bought this one at same price of 16 gb wifi+cellular model.  It looks sexy in white colour. 
On very first day I did FaceTime with Nikhil and Dee dee. Chiku was with Dee dee. Mom and dad felt extremely happy to do FaceTime. I haven’t installed sim card in this but will do it very soon. Right now I am using neighbours wifi connection😜. Don’t doubt me, he has kept his wifi open. Looks like he is a guy with big heart 😁. 

I have added books to iBooks. Now it’s easy for me to study and keep away those heavy and fat FCOM’s.  I pray this new friend will be with me forever and help me to rise up and up ✌

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