Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Eastern Freeway, Marine drives and rain

The moment I started writing a blog, I thought I would be a regular blogger. But it never happened. My last post is a month old and now after long time I am writing a new. I tried to update something but in the end dropped. So now I have realized that I am a blogger who blogs only when is feeling happy and joyful. There is no point in writing something which reminds sad and unimportant moments in life.
I was planning to write this post yesterday but was very tired to do so. Yesterday started with Shagun’s call at 8 am . We had a plan to watch Bhag Milkha Bhag. It is a movie inspired by real life story of Milkha Singh who is a legendary athlete of India. He won many gold medals for India and had a world record on his name in 400 meter run. He is known as The Flying Sikh. Movie was very inspiring and meaningful. Story Flying Sikh showed how high dedication is needed to see your dream come true.
Milkha- The Flying Sikh
After movie we decided to drive to Marine Drives. Few days back Eastern Freeway has opened up which connects Chembur to CST. This journey takes just 15 minutes as the road runs parallel to sea on elevated bridge.It has no signals, no speed breakers. Finding a route to Eastern Freeway was not difficult. Thanks to Google Navigation in Shagun’s phone. As we left Vashi, heavy rain started. Feeling of driving in rain was magical. Powerful air conditioning in her car was making me relaxed.
I go to university very often. I travel by train. While passing though Vashi creek in train, I see Roadway Bridge running parallel to Railway Bridge. It feels great to see my train and cars moving parallel. But yesterday I was on parallel bridge. I was in car and I could see Railway Bridge running parallel. Train was passing by and It was magical. Heavy rain made this journey very special.
Eastern Freeway
Eastern Freeway starts with very beautiful tunnel. And as we pass by tunnel, we climbed up to bridge which runs parallel to seacoast. I could not clearly see sea because it was raining heavy. As it was Freeway Shagun was driving at 100kmph. She has a nice collection of song in her phone. Songs, rain, Eastern Freeway and powerful air conditioning was perfect combination for that day.
We did not take much time to reach Marine Drives.  Parked her car and started walking. We walked towards extreme end of marine drives near Nariman Point. Luckily it was not raining when we started walk. ‘Chana jor garam’ for two added spice to our walk at Marine Drives. We sat on artificial rocks facing towards sea. It was twilight. Sun was setting down.  Sea was transiting from blue to black. Sky was full of clouds and was transiting from grey to black. Waves were high and they sounded very pleasant.  Transition from day to night was fascinating. Nature is very beautiful. Everyone around was busy in clicking photos but I was capturing those moment in my memory through my sensory organs. Marine Drives is my favorite place
By the time it was 7:15pm and we decided to drive back to Nerul. As we climbed to Eastern Freeway, it started raining. This time it was magical to see heavy raindrops colliding with windscreen. We were fast at 120kmph. So within no time we reached Chembur. Freeway was so fascinating that we decided to take U turn and drive back on Freeway. The joy was back and it was a wonderful feeling.
It was a wonderful time. After very long time i had nice time. ‘Inspiration from Bhag Milkha Bhag, beauty of Eastern Freeway and pleasant atmosphere at Marine Drives’ made my day a memorable one. I thanked Shagun to make it a wonderful day.

Every day is filled with tiny pleasant moments. It depends on us whether we find those moments.  If we find those, that day gets stored in your memory for lifetime. So keep looking for those moments and see how happy life is

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