The process of happiness and Support

What a person wants in his life? All the hard work he does is for what reason? What is ultimate goal of his efforts? What he expects from his surrounding? All these questions may have different meaning but their answers lies in one word. And that word is ‘Happiness’. Happiness is answer to all the questions in his life. Motive behind every act of human is related to happiness. A man earn money to serve his and his family’s needs to stay happy. Alcohol addict fill his glass with wine to forget his sorrow and feel happy. This may be an artificial happiness but this happiness which lasts for short time, makes him to forget his all sorrows.

Happiness is an extremely tricky word. A man can do anything to get happy. Anything means he can go to all possible limits. Those limits can be positive or negative. He don’t bother about sufferings he will experience while going to various limits. All he know is that at the end there is a pleasant situation which will make him forget his sorrows and live better life. That pleasant situation is called as Happiness.

Human psychology of happiness is a vast field of study. I am not a great learner of human psychology. This post may be conflicting with studies done by experts. This is purely based on my thinking.

Lets get back to Happiness. Path of happiness is not always easy. Sometimes this path turns out so bad that a person has to choose between vital sections of his life. So while choosing between those things, he makes various mistakes. He looses many opportunities. And yes – he looses his dear ones. This is not in all cases when he looses support of his dear ones. But according to studies, in about 73% of cases, it was found that the person who is working hard to achieve happiness tends to hurts his dear ones. And in about 49% of cases his dear one end up in fight and then they part away. This is very sad part of the process of happiness when his dear ones leave him. He does all hard work just to see him and his dear one happy. But this process is so complected that it may cause blunder in ones life. At this time a person may loose hopes and may shatter very badly. He does all efforts to see his people happy and he expects support from his people. “Support” is a vital aspect of any Happiness process. It can be called as catalyst in this process. When he get support, this process goes in smooth flow. without support it becomes hard to survive. Once damage done, it is very difficult to repair.

Support and Happiness process can be called as two sides of a coin. Both sides have to be with each other.

A man starts Happiness process keeping in mind ‘future together’ with dear ones. But lack of support from his dear ones end up in breaking relation and sorrow. There is only one thing i can tell to those who dont get support from their dear ones.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Forget past and get happy again

Support is temporary. Happiness is Forever


4 thoughts on “The process of happiness and Support

  1. True as far as the story is seen from 1 side… the other person who is hurt and lost is somewhere devasted. support and happiness has to come bothways..


    1. True. If things are not both ways, it wont work. In this case taking other person for granted can be dangerous too. Getting hurt and feeling devastated is a part of Process of Happiness. It cant be isolated


      1. exactly, getting hurt n devastation is a part of happiness for only one person each. 1 getting hurt and devastated and the other geting happiness. support is when you are happy dat d 1 getting happiess is happy coz u devastated.


      2. This post was referring to happiness of loved ones and family. Do not take it as happiness of sole person.
        Outcome of situation is – dont look back. If you look back, you will get hurt. Move ahead and find new companion to fulfil the gap which was created due to lack of support.


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