2015 and me

I was partying at Jaipur when the timer ticked the first moment of the year 2015. I never felt so festive before. I was partying alone in an anonymous crowd. I was dancing like nobody is seeing. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed two girls were hitting on me. But I chose not to bother and continued to dance. I fell in love with the city of Jaipur and their culture, food, climate and women.

By last week of January, I finished my training and became a fully qualified pilot on Airbus 320. It is a great sensation to be at controls of an aircraft which is very advanced and wonderful to fly.

2015 was unarguably the most happening year in my life. I was flying as a line pilot. Life has become very overwhelming. The sudden hike in payroll made me remarkably happy. I never saw that amount of money in my bank account. I had a list of things to buy. I have almost bought everything about that in the year 2015. I bought furniture for my house, 3 iPhones ( for Mom Dad and myself), Canon 7D Mark II camera, TV, Fridge, Washing Machine and bought a house in Navi Mumbai. This house at Navi Mumbai is a huge one with hills view. I paid a bomb amount of 2.2 crore rupees to buy that. I had also booked a car but later on, I changed my mind of buying it.
I earned almost everything in 2015. Only thing I could not find is love. I fell in love ( yes again) but I never had a chance to take it to the next level. Since then I modified my mind about love and life. After that, I have never trailed anyone for love nor I fell in love with any girl. I began seeing it very confusing. I don’t know if I will be able to find true love. Meantime, many girls got drawn to me. I never felt appropriate with any one of them. I just could not fall in love. I kept looking for reasons and kept searching for shortcomings in those girls. I accept I hurt a lot of them in 2015 but I had no choice. I was already broken in love. Now I have become a strong man. Not strong, I have become a rock. A feelingless rock. But as of now, I don’t care about it.

The best thing about 2015 was I kept my parents happy. Their satisfaction means everything to me. 2015 made me a rich guy. Now I am no more a poor guy who used to get 40 rupees every day to travel from Nerul to Mumbai University and back. Now I travel in air-conditioned cars, I eat in nice eateries, I flirt with hot babes, I get a lot of attention. My bad days were never changeless. I believed in myself. Now I am standing tall.
2015 proved me that Dreams don’t turn to dust. Hell yeah!

2 thoughts on “2015 and me

  1. Yes u deserve all that… And dreams always come true nims…. U just need to believe and go ahead….. Dats d reason I love ur blogs.. They are heart-warming….


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