The end and the beginning

The year 2018 and 2019 had been very challenging years for me. So I had decided that I wanted to start 2020 on a positive note. The year 2019 was a milestone for my career. I successfully completed command training and now I am an airline captain on Airbus A320. I am proud of myself … Continue reading The end and the beginning


Today I operated a cargo flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. It was late evening departure from Mumbai. To be safer, I had decided to drive down to the airport in my own car instead of travelling with the chauffeur. While driving I noticed that people were roaming around everywhere. Especially in areas like Mankhurd, Govandi, … Continue reading desert


किसी ने क्या खूबसूरत जवाब दिया हैनींद आधी मौत हैऔर मौत मुकम्मल नींद है ज़िन्दगी तोह अपने ही तरीकेसे चलती हैज़िन्दगी तोह अपने ही तरीकेसे चलती हैऔरो के सहारे तोह जनाज़ा उठा करते है सुबह होती है शाम होती हैसुबह होती है शाम होती हैउम्र यु ही तमाम होती है कोई रो कर दिल बहलाता … Continue reading ज़िन्दगी

Falling behind 

Lately I have become lazy and not studying for ATPL written and oral examinations. I feel I'm falling behind and lost that pace which I had during year 2013-2014.  There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

‘What would I do if I were 22’ Few words from Tony

I found this article written by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. He is an entrepreneur who owns an airline, a football club, a motor racing team and many more. He is a real motivator. Original article can be found here What would I do if I were 22? My advice to those just starting out on … Continue reading ‘What would I do if I were 22’ Few words from Tony

A Study Shows That A Breakup Feels Like Cocaine Withdrawal

Ending a relationship is never fun, but it’s definitely worse when you are the one getting your heart broken. After being scorned, many find that the road to recovery involves a lot of sobbing, Facebook stalking, and limited contact with the outside world. Why is it that withdrawal from a relationship can cause such extreme … Continue reading A Study Shows That A Breakup Feels Like Cocaine Withdrawal

मेरे जैसा तू

आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे, तू यही है कही ना कही। आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे, तू यही है कही। कभी मेरे ख्वाब सा, कभी उलझे जवाब सा। के चंदा मे भी दाग सा, मेरे जैसा तू। के दरिया का हो इक सिरा, के अरमानो का सिलसिला, … Continue reading मेरे जैसा तू

Laser illumination hazards on pilots

A recent spate of incidents in the UK involving lasers directed at landing aircraft is evidence that they continue to be a threat to aviation. In August several aircraft operating into Gatwick, Liverpool and East Midlands were illuminated with a strong laser by persons on the ground, whilst flying visual approaches. Although fortunately no direct … Continue reading Laser illumination hazards on pilots

My analysis for A320 type rated pilot recruitment

Since when aviation industry saw a boom in india, aviation market never remained stable. By the year 2006 we saw various airlines establishing themselves in Indian market. Those days only Air India, Jet Airways and Indian Airlines were market player. Limited number of operators gave a huge benefit to Jet Airways as it was preferred … Continue reading My analysis for A320 type rated pilot recruitment