Today I operated a cargo flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad.

It was late evening departure from Mumbai. To be safer, I had decided to drive down to the airport in my own car instead of travelling with the chauffeur. While driving I noticed that people were roaming around everywhere. Especially in areas like Mankhurd, Govandi, Chembur, Kurla, Kalina, Vakola, Santacruz. I even saw a guy with his girlfriend, riding a motorbike at a speed more than 100 km/hr without a helmet and protective face mask. Citizens were having evening walk, ladies were gossiping outside their houses, Men were in groups all around, kids were playing fearlessly.

What is wrong with these people. No wonder why Covid-19 cases are increasing exponentially in Mumbai. I really got sacred after seeing all this. May God bless this city!

Airport was deserted, aircraft were grounded, everybody was in distress. I always saw the Mumbai airport very crowded but today was different. It felt like I was going on a mission and the world is about to end. Today I am really disturbed to see my workplace turning into desert.

One tiny virus has destroyed everything. Sometimes I feel this is human karma. We destroyed nature and it’s our time to get destroyed!


किसी ने क्या खूबसूरत जवाब दिया है
नींद आधी मौत है
और मौत मुकम्मल नींद है

ज़िन्दगी तोह अपने ही तरीकेसे चलती है
ज़िन्दगी तोह अपने ही तरीकेसे चलती है
औरो के सहारे तोह जनाज़ा उठा करते है

सुबह होती है शाम होती है
सुबह होती है शाम होती है
उम्र यु ही तमाम होती है

कोई रो कर दिल बहलाता है
और कोई हसकर दर्द छुपाता है
क्या करामत है कुदरत की
ज़िंदा इंसान पानी में डूबता है
और मुर्दा तैर के दिखाता है

अब ये ज़िन्दगी बस कंडक्टर सी हो गयी है
अब ये ज़िन्दगी बस कंडक्टर सी हो गयी है
सफर भी रोज का है और जाना भी कही नहीं है
सफर भी रोज का है और जाना भी कही नहीं है

– अरुण दोंदे

Red Hot Sexy

I grew up driving Maruti Suzuki Omni. Mostly known as kidnapping car. Pappa purchased Omni in the year 2001 and I was in class 8. When Pappa got Omni, he did not know how to drive a car. But later he learnt progressively. I was very inquisitive to drive at that young age. So I asked my next-door-neighbour to guide me on how to drive. Yes, I was under-aged but I was stupid. He took me for a drive and I learnt it within 2 days. I could feel forthrightness while driving. We still have Omni with us. She is still firm and smooth.

As I started working as an aviator, I always wanted to but a new vehicle. So I began the hunt in mid-2015. I arranged a test drive for nearly a dozen cars but there was the only car which held chords of my mind. That was VW Vento TSI. This car has a 1.2 L petrol automatic motor with the turbocharger. I especially loved its sports mode. I never drove a car like this before. All car I took for a test drive could not be compared with Vento. One fine day I went to the showroom and booked Vento.

Soon after several days, my dream smashed. Those days I was also looking for a house to buy in Mumbai. I spotted a nice house in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. My parents liked that estate and we determined to buy it. After working on investments, I figured out that if I want to acquire a house, I won’t be able to order a car because there was a shortage of 10-15 lakh rupees. So I dumped the plan to buy a car. That was a very difficult decision but it was a wise one. Later I bought that same house. It is a dream house with 3 bedrooms and a breathtaking view. Its a dream house for any guy in his late 20s. That time my finances were very tight but I knew it was a sensible decision.

I kept doing test driving for cars in the meantime. Truly speaking I never liked any other car other than Vento. The car which fascinated my was out of my budget. I was idling for the perfect time to buy a car.
As we always say ‘whatever happens, happens for a reason’. I did not buy a car in 2015 but bought a house. Now I have a dream house and I don’t have to worry for the next 30-40 years.

I again started doing a serious search for a car in mid-2018. I did not tell anyone about it. I kept revisiting car showrooms for test drives. But still, there was only one car in my mind and heart. And that was VW Vento TSI. I went to the nearby showroom and enquired about it. There I saw Vento in Flash red colour. It was a sports edition with spoiler, black mirrors and black roof. It was a sexy looking car and at that moment I decided on this car.

I did not inform my parents about it. I wanted to surprise them. They did not even have a fraction of idea about it. I told car showroom not to send any paperwork at my house. If my parents see that paperwork, they will come to know that I am ordering a car. Though my friends and sisters knew about it, I kept it super secret at home. I decided delivery date as 1 Sept 2018. This was my mom’s 54th birthday.

One day before delivery, I went to the showroom to see my car. She was looking sexy. I couldn’t wait to feel her. I told showroom employees to not to reveal anything when I come with my parents to take delivery of the car.

On the day of delivery, I told my parents that I will take them to the temple as it was mummy’s birthday. So they instantly agreed on it. As they were getting ready, I quickly took my camera and tripod and went to the showroom. I placed my camera overlooking my car and so that I could capture every moment. I instructed showroom representative Karan how to switch on the video camera and told him to turn it on when I tell him.

I went home, my mom was wearing saree and dad was wearing a shirt and trouser. We took an auto-rickshaw towards car showroom. I told the driver to stop 100 meters before the car showroom. We all got down and were standing on the road. I told my parents that my friend Nitin is coming with us and we all will go in his car. I made a fake call from my phone and acted that Nitin is coming late. I told my parents “Nitin will take more 15 minutes to come. Let’s stand somewhere here. Or hmmm let’s go to this VW showroom. We will check out some cars until Nitin comes.” My parents agreed.

Auto-rikshaw ride to showroom

I called Karan that we are arriving in 30 seconds and start video recording. He pressed REC button just before we entered the showroom. The moment my father entered the showroom, he went close to the red car and started admiring her. My mom was looking around inside showroom. She noticed Ganesh idol and bowed. I told my parents “VW has nice cars and is advanced. They also have automatic cars. This red car is also automatic and is very comfortable”. My parents nodded. “Let’s hop inside,” I said.
My dad was sitting on the rear seat and mom in the front seat as I was on the driver seat. I was describing my parents about a few feature of this car. I asked my mom did she like this car? She replied “Yes”. I said let’s take this car home today. Happy birthday. This is our car and today we are taking delivery of this car. My parents did not know how to react. They were stunned. My mom started crying. Those were tears of happiness. I never saw my parents so emotional before. I knew they were happy. Their happiness is the sole purpose of my life.

My mom wiped her tears and as we came out, the cake was ready. She cut birthday cake along with a new member of our family. I was very happy. We took keys and drove home in our brand new red car.

The icing on the cake was when I saw my car’s registration number. It’s MH 43 BN 0304. I couldn’t believe it. My date of birth is 3 April. 03 04 means 3 April. I asked Karan if he demanded RTO to grant this special number for my car? He said ” No sir. Neither I nor anyone in showroom did not put any request. You have randomly got this registration number. This was such a pleasant coincidence”.

This car is lucky for me. Car was purchased on mom’s birthday and is registered as my date of birth. Even today I feel goosebumps when I think about this coincidence.

Now when I look backwards, I feel so much proud of myself.

Do check pictures taken on that day. Also, check out my parent’s reaction video.
Let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.

I surprised mom on her birthday
Thumps up
Two men admiring
A Dreamer’s Life
Isn’t she sexy?
Moments before we stepped inside showroom

A clear winner

Hey there. Howdy again. Sorry for not drafting for a long time. I was hooked up with so many things. I am still caught up but now I have prioritised things. I guess life becomes very easy when we prioritise things. I always lived a hassled life until now but not anymore.

A dreamer's life

I have something very significant coming up in my life. Ahh, there are so many things to tell. I will be writing about it in the forthcoming months.
The route which I have chosen in my life can be a challenging one but it will make my journey towards my goal. Soon I am going to be a clear winner.

A much needed break?

Remember I was talking about dreams coming true? Maybe you don’t memorise because it’s been a long that I have drafted anything on my blog. I was very occupied (or you can say I was stuck in a cage) living life. Things have changed a lot nowadays. I am not the same person as I was. These days I like to live a secluded life and also don’t like to talk about my personal life. I guess I am out of that stage of life where people love to talk about their things. Maybe that’s why i haven’t posted anything on my blog posts. There are so many things which I am hiding within. I may never be able to express.

But let me try it repeatedly. Let me start drafting again. I have so many things to tell. As I have quit Facebook and Instagram, this is the only place where I will be able to verbalise what is happening in my life.

Falling behind 

Lately I have become lazy and not studying for ATPL written and oral examinations. I feel I’m falling behind and lost that pace which I had during year 2013-2014. 

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.


I saw that – Karma

When I look back in my past I see a lot of turbulence. Till now I have accomplished to penetrate clouds of turbulence and reached till here. There were many anvil clouds and I kept on ducking it. It was a hell of a ride. I turned careful during every turn of life. In this cautiousness, I overlooked sparkling beautiful clouds. When we are in a difficult situation, we tend to skip the beautiful aspect of life. Same occurred to me. I overlooked beautiful hearts. 

In past one year, I have hurt many wonderful hearts. Over cautiousness was supplemented by heartlessness. I apologise. I know Karma is seeing me. I am ready for it. 

2015 and me

I was partying at Jaipur when the timer ticked the first moment of the year 2015. I never felt so festive before. I was partying alone in an anonymous crowd. I was dancing like nobody is seeing. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed two girls were hitting on me. But I chose not to bother and continued to dance. I fell in love with the city of Jaipur and their culture, food, climate and women.

By last week of January, I finished my training and became a fully qualified pilot on Airbus 320. It is a great sensation to be at controls of an aircraft which is very advanced and wonderful to fly.

2015 was unarguably the most happening year in my life. I was flying as a line pilot. Life has become very overwhelming. The sudden hike in payroll made me remarkably happy. I never saw that amount of money in my bank account. I had a list of things to buy. I have almost bought everything about that in the year 2015. I bought furniture for my house, 3 iPhones ( for Mom Dad and myself), Canon 7D Mark II camera, TV, Fridge, Washing Machine and bought a house in Navi Mumbai. This house at Navi Mumbai is a huge one with hills view. I paid a bomb amount of 2.2 crore rupees to buy that. I had also booked a car but later on, I changed my mind of buying it.
I earned almost everything in 2015. Only thing I could not find is love. I fell in love ( yes again) but I never had a chance to take it to the next level. Since then I modified my mind about love and life. After that, I have never trailed anyone for love nor I fell in love with any girl. I began seeing it very confusing. I don’t know if I will be able to find true love. Meantime, many girls got drawn to me. I never felt appropriate with any one of them. I just could not fall in love. I kept looking for reasons and kept searching for shortcomings in those girls. I accept I hurt a lot of them in 2015 but I had no choice. I was already broken in love. Now I have become a strong man. Not strong, I have become a rock. A feelingless rock. But as of now, I don’t care about it.

The best thing about 2015 was I kept my parents happy. Their satisfaction means everything to me. 2015 made me a rich guy. Now I am no more a poor guy who used to get 40 rupees every day to travel from Nerul to Mumbai University and back. Now I travel in air-conditioned cars, I eat in nice eateries, I flirt with hot babes, I get a lot of attention. My bad days were never changeless. I believed in myself. Now I am standing tall.
2015 proved me that Dreams don’t turn to dust. Hell yeah!

Being myself on birthday – 2015

Last month I was talking to one of my buddies. She asked what are my plans for the birthday? I said “Goa“. The moment I announced Goa, memories of last year flashed in my mind. I was at Goa in last January and it was troublesome time. But this time it was different.

I kept the plan a secret. I also kept my birthday hidden on Facebook so that I don’t get undesired notifications and messages. These days I feel, it is just a formality to wish someone on Facebook. Since I had kept my birthday invisible, I got substituted from unwanted formal birthday wishes.

I planned to reach Palolem by the evening of 2nd April. I spend a birthday on the beach and fly back to Mumbai on 4th April.

On 2nd April, I reached Palolem by 7:30 pm. It was dark by the time I reached. Sound of waves and the land breeze was a perfect welcome for me. I walked down towards Beach Huts where I had bookings done. The feeling of being at the beach was awesome. I opened my hut and got amazed. It had a beautiful beach view. Right from my hut, I could see Monkey island and beautiful Palolem beach. The view was very romantic. It is a perfect place for lovebirds to have a quality passionate time. I was alone and I could feel the romance in the air.

View from my hut
Panoramic view from my hut

I kept baggage in the room and started leading on the beach. I fell in love with the sound of waves. Kinare song from Queen movie was on my playlist and I was having the best time of my life. After spending relaxing time on the beach, I was at a beach restaurant. They had arranged dinner tables on the beach along with candle lights. I could see the full moon with elegant stars right in front of a candle at my table. I had requested Goa’s special Prawns curry and rice. There I had a company. A dog walked down towards me and sat next to my table. I think he did not want me to eat alone. He gave me a lovely company.
Dinner was followed by a long walk on the beach. By the time it was 10:30 pm, I was tired. So I started reading a novel. It was novel by S Hussain Zaidi – My name is Abu Salem. By the time it was 11:30 pm, I kept novel and phone aside and went for a walk on the beach. The night was even more stunning with those ariel fireworks. There was a wedding ceremony at the other end of the beach. I considered it as someone was telling me that “Hey buddy, look there! The sky is beautiful and it’s a special night”. I did not realise it was midnight. I was looking right at the moon. He had a bright smiling face. I felt loved! The universe was sending me love. I never felt this much amazed in my life. After a peaceful walk, I went inside the hut and found my phone ringing. That was Minu. Very sweetly she wished me a happy birthday. And then Mom called. I felt so much love. I wanted to hug her right then. After talking to her, I switched off my phone because I did not want to answer an unwanted call. And then I went gentle into that good night, waiting for the glorious sun to rise.
It was a special morning. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. I got fresh and went swimming. Sea was warm and pleasant. I jumped in and kept breathing the fresh air. Sun was still hiding under the easterly direction and I was eagerly waiting for him to rise and wish me on my birthday. The feeling was remarkable. I could feel the joy in the air. The calmness of sea and silence of the beautiful morning was making me feel special. By the time I finished swimming, the sun was above the horizon and showing off his orange colour. I was continuously gazing at the sun. It was a great feeling. I never felt so much relaxed before. I closed my eyes and prayed.


After swimming, I decided to go for kayaking. It was early morning and sea was calm. It was best time to go for kayaking. I took a dry bag along, kept my goggle, mobile phone inside and headed towards sea. I started stroking with paddle and within no time, I was moving away from shore. I kept stroking hard as if I wanted to run away from everything. I never felt like stopping and looking back. I know if i look back, I will be worried about what has left behind. So I chose not to look back and kept stroking. After boating for half an hour, I was very far from land. I stopped stroking and let the boat settle. Loosened up my grip and stretched my legs and lied down on boat. I managed to balance myself. At that moment I was right inside sea and nobody was around. I had goggles on and i was looking at blue sky. My world never felt so calm before. I counted 100 to 0 (what i frequently do to get relaxed). After counting till number zero, I started stroking again and made a 180 degree turn to head towards coast.

As I started heading towards coast, I saw some black colored object right ahead of me. I did not care to observe. I kept stroking. And then again I saw that. I tried to focus. And it was a dolphin. I could not believe my eyes. Three number of dolphins were right 100 meters away from me and were crossing my path from right to left. I stopped and kept admiring them. I felt like those dolphins did not want me to be alone in sea and came to wish me on my birthday. I never felt so amazed before. I had special visitors.

Day at the beach
Day at the beach

I spent rest of the day relaxing on beach, reading a book and enjoying beautiful view. A day was about to end and sun was heading towards west direction. It was a beautiful scene. Sun was turning into orangish and I was walking on the beach. I had headphones on and Bryan Adams on my playlist. I was observing people enjoying at the beach. Fishermen were getting ready with their boats, kids were building forts with sand, lovebirds were enjoying swimming, sun was setting down and I was walking without worries. It was a great feeling. I never felt alone. As the sun was setting down, I was observing how he was changing his color from golden to orange to red. He was waving me a good bye. I clicked him. He looked special. I kept looking at him and thanked for all happiness and strength.


After dinner, I was again at beach. It was dark. I was sitting on sand and observing the waves. I felt addicted. Though I was alone, I never felt alone. I was happy. I had inner peace. A perfect birthday was about to end. I looked at the moon and he was still smiling. It was midnight and I was King of my happy kingdom.

That day I realised that my world isn’t big. It is very tiny. It has space only for happiness. This journey started with #100HappyDays and here here I am. Stress-free, Happy and Dreaming.

What has changed is ‘Me’

Its been 4 months since I have been working at IndiGo. Life has changed a lot since then. Before joining IndiGo I was studying at Mumbai university. I used to travel to university by local train and followed by bus. I never liked my daily routine. But I had no other alternative. I still remember how tired I used to feel while traveling during those peak hours. From Nerul to Kurla station in local train and then to Mumbai university by BEST bus. After finishing lectures, I used to stand at bus stop during rush hours. Life was very hectic.

But now after 4 months, everything has changed. To operate flights, I travel to airport on same road which passes close to Mumbai University. It’s a road on which i have spent my past three years of college life. Earlier I used to travel by BEST bus and now I travel in sedan car with chauffeur on board. Whenever I pass by university gate, I get emotional. Few months ago i was here, lost and tired. But I had hopes. And now I am living my life which i had dreamed of. Its a same road, it has same potholes, buses are same, bus stands are same, rush of passengers is same. World has remained same as it was. But what has changed is me.

When i was jobless, I used to visit a Jari mari. This place is very close to runway 27 of Mumbai airport. I used to sit there for hours just watch aircrafts taking off and land. But now when I operate a flight from Mumbai, I see Jari Mari from my cockpit window. I have an emotional attachment with that place. Few months ago, I used to sit there and dream about sitting in cockpit. And now i am living a dream life. Aircrafts are same, airport is same, runway is same, Jari mari is same. But what has changed is me.

I often operate Goa flights. I really enjoy flying over goa. Specially while landing on runway 08 of Goa. For this approach, aircraft flies over sea and lands on runway which is few hundred meters away from water. I still remember that time in january 2014, I was in deep trouble. I had failed in university exam, had suffered a heart break and had few financial issues. It was a very tough time. So, to make myself relax, I planned Goa trip with Deepak. I had no money back then so Deepak financed it. When in Goa, I visited Baga beach, Aguada fort, Chapora fort and other places. I remember the evening which we spent at Chapora fort. Me and deepak were lying on defensive wall of Chapora fort. On his phone, Deepak played hallelujah song by Jeff Buckley. As sun went down the sea, i went emotional. I felt was very helpless and lost. I closed my eyes and concentrated on lyric. After few minutes, calm breeze, shining stars and music made me relax. After few moments, I opened my eyes and right there in open dark sky I saw one aircraft was flying over beautiful skies of Goa. That aircraft flew west to east right over my head. I was lying there and was dreaming myself in that aircraft. Music, sound of waves, stars and aircraft gave me courage to believe in myself. Those 20 minutes spent there made me strong enough to fight against odd.

Last week when I flew out of Goa, I gave a quick glance at beach. There I could see Aguada fort, Baga beach and Chapora fort. And suddenly series of memories had flashed in my mind. I have achieved my dream of being in airplane which flew over Goa. It was same Goa, beach was same, Chapora fort was same. But what has changed is me.

I always knew I deserve better place  in life. Since last one year, the whole world has remained same. But what has changed is me. Time does not stop but it changes for sure. It changed for me because I had a dream and only thing I did was – I protected my dream.

Be a dreamer. Life has awesome surprises ahead.

It’s a time to dream BIG

Life has changed. After a long struggle and patience, life has become awesome. This is what i was dreaming of in past few years. Now I have achieved my dream, its a time to dream big. I am a dreamer and wont stop dreaming.

I have experienced lot of good emotions in past months. September was my first working month. On 30th Sept at morning 11:07 am, I received a sms from HDFC bank stating that my first salary has been credited. I got very emotional and called my father. He was very happy for me. On the next day, I flew to Mumbai to meet my parents and handed over my first salary. With my first salary, I gifted dad a new iPhone 5C. His previous phone was highly damaged and in bad condition. With iPhone, now he can FaceTime (Video call) me and can also click photographs. Also mom bought a beautiful saree. I could not meet my sisters as they both were not keeping well. I missed them during my short visit to Mumbai.

I also met ‘The girl who broke my heart’. It was her birthday. I wished her on phone. She wanted to meet. As I got inside her car, I presented her chocolates and a gifts. I kissed her (on cheeks) and said “Happy birthday. May god give you all the happiness, love and health. You were and are very special”. She was emotional because she knew she have messed up our friendship (and my love). I could not see her crying.

Also it was a day which is very special for me and my ex girlfriend. We started dating on same day in year 2008. I still remember the date but did not wish her because I don’t want her to remember her past. She is happy in her present and I want her to stay happy forever.

After couple of days, I flew back to Delhi. 10th October was my graduation day at IndiGo. My parents were in Delhi for the occasion. It was very emotional day for me and my parents. After 4 and half years of patience and struggle, everything was fine. I was in uniform and my parents were feeling proud. That was the first time, I could not control my emotions. I went into tears after receiving epaulettes and training completion certificate.

Right now I am sitting at a luxurious hotel room at Bangalore. Accommodation is arranged by IndiGo. A life which i was dreaming of has begun. Now its a time to dream bigger and grow bigger.

p.s. For the past few weeks, I could feel that ‘Girl with Golden smile’ is trying to avoid me. She did not answer phone calls and messages. I dont know the reason for this sudden change. I did not ask why is she doing this. I may never ask what went wrong because emotion makes us fool and reality makes us stronger.

A new role

On april 3rd I was celebrating my birthday with mom (dad was out of town). She had got few pastries and made  Pani puri. That day i turned 26. As we were celebrating, I looked at mom. She was emotional. She said “I have only one wish. I want to see you flying”. I told her”, “Don’t worry mom. Everything is fine. I will definitely get my dream job before your birthday”. I hugged her and we both smiled.

Moms birthday was on 1st September. I did not know how would i get my dream job before moms birthday. Everything was blank in front of my eyes. But i kept telling myself that ‘No matter what, I will get my dream job before 1st September’.

Last year, my ex-girlfriend told me about a book called “The Secret- by Rhonda Byrne”. This book talks about positive thinking and law of attraction. I really thank my ex-girlfriend for suggesting me this book. After reading this book, I kept thinking positive about everything. I made a wish-board and pinned all the things which i wanted. After few months i could see it was working. While surfing through online social communities, i had a chance to talk to a Naina. She is also a believer of Law of attraction. We used to discuss about our respective dreams and things we wanted in life. We were strangers but we still kept our positive conversation. This helped me to stay motivated. She helped me a lot in this process. I really thank her for this. I would never have been so positive without her.

As moms birthdays was approaching, i could see that Law of attraction was working in effective way. By August end i had cleared all selection processes at IndiGo and was waiting for joining letter. I wanted to see my mom to be happy on her birthday. I did not get joining letter till her birthday. But very next day i received a call from IndiGo HR informing about my joining. There it was. Though law of attraction was late by a day, it worked. Mom and dad were in kitchen, i hugged them and said “I will be joining IndiGo a day after. Its a dream come true.” Mom and dad were in tears. I have never seen them that happy ever before.

I joined IndiGo on 4th September 2014. Its been a great journey. If you read my past posts, you will realise how tough it was to reach till this stage. But nevertheless, I made it and i am happy. IndiGo was always a dream company for me. Its a great feeling when i put on my IndiGo identity card or when i see First Officer tag on my company profile.

Its a new beginning. I thank everyone who contributed to this. Thanks to my ex-girlfriend, thanks to ‘a girl who broke my heart’, thanks to all my friends who believed in me, thanks to Naina. Special thanks to my parents, sisters and Ajinkya (my bestie).

I always believed in myself. Never took ‘No’ for an answer. Now i have a new role to play in my life. A role as a Captain Nimish Ghandat, First Officer, IndiGo. I’m loving it.

A real beginning of Happy Days

Ahh! Its was an awesome month of August. I still cant believe that everything happened very fast. It was a magical journey. It all started in month of July when i received an email from HR of IndiGo Airlines asking to send documents for written exam at New Delhi for the post of Junior first officer. That was an unexpected invitation. I had no hopes from IndiGo Airlines to conduct exam for A320 type rated pilots. But it happened. Happened for a good reason.

I studied hard for this exam. I did not want to repeat the same mistake i did while studying for GoAir exam. Though i cleared GoAir exam, i was not having enough confidence while undergoing interview. IndiGo written exam was scheduled on 23rd July and i decided to fly to delhi a night before. By midnight of 23rd I landed at New Delhi and decided to spend a night at T3. After studying till 4am i fell asleep at the airport waiting lounge. It was not at all comfortable to rest on those metal benches. But somehow i managed. By 7’o clock i got up, changed cloths and headed towards exam centre. I decided not to cheat in this exam. I did not ask for help from any fellow candidates. I just wanted to be honest with myself. I knew i have taken a lot of efforts while preparing for this. Exam was good.

After two days, i got a notification of email on my iPad. It was a result of written test. I successfully cleared it. I jumped with a joy. It was the happiest moment of the month. I thanked myself for this awesome gift.

During next 20 days, i underwent next three stages of selection process. Written test was followed by CASS (psychometry test), Technical & HR interview and Simulator check. By 17th August, i had cleared all four stages and now waiting for an official joining letter from IndiGo Airlines. I am sure i will be receiving it very soon.

This period of July-August was a life changing period for me. I never thought life would give me so many surprises. In this period i had cleared graduation exams, RTR license renewal, i cleared all stages of IndiGo Airlines. And one more special incident occurred in this period. I called McDonalds at Secunderabad where i met Divya ‘ A girl with golden smile’. I found McD’s phone number from online directory, i inquired about her, someone told me she had left the job few months ago. I requested to relay my message to her. Message was “Call me”.

After one and half hour, i got a call from her. She was very happy that i remembered her and could not believe we were talking. I was in tears of happiness after we talked. I never thought i would be able to contact her. She was equally missing me like i did. She tried to find me everywhere on facebook/google plus/other social media. She said she always had faith that someday we will meet. Its a small world. It was ‘Friendship day’ when i found her. This was the best friendship day ever in my life.

Back in 2012 at McDonalds, we used to look at each other and smile. We did not talked much. Like in hindi they say आंखो हि आंखो मे बाते. Her smile made me forget every sorrow in my life. I have always seen her in McD uniform. All the time she wore a cap during her working shift. Now after two years when she showed me her photo, i was stunned. She is a really beautiful girl. I seriously did not expect her to be so beautiful. Actually at McD i never noticed anything except her smile and beautiful eyes. It was a beautiful shock for me.

I like her and i know she likes me too. But there is always a perfect time for every thing. I am not forcing myself to fall for her nor i don’t want her to do same at this moment. She believes in destiny. If its written, it will happen. I believe same.

She is very lucky for me. I found her and within two weeks time, i did clear all stages at IndiGo Airlines. I do want to stay lucky forever with she next to me.

I never thought life will bring me bundle of happiness after a very tough time. Few months ago I was a broken man with lots of depression. But i kept on believing in myself. I knew it was a temporary sorrow. Life will be awesome very soon. Then i took 100happydays challenge. It really changed my life. And made me extremely positive person. Now i am stronger than ever and aiming high in my life. I want life to surprise me with lots of joy and happiness. Its a real beginning of happy days.

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What I learnt in #100HappyDays?

Today i successfully completed 100happydays challenge. I am feeling very happy. I never thought i would be able to complete it. But i did it. I did not realise how fast these 100 days passed. Everyday i decided to do something different which kept me happy. During these 100 days, i discovered various ways to keep myself happy. Being happy is easy but extending it for 100 days was a big task. I kept faith in myself, i kept on telling my self “Everything is prefect, Everything is alright, I am gonna win”

This 100 days challenge was not just to tell people that i can stay happy forever, but it was to discover myself and finding a reason to stay happy. In these 100 days i realised one thing and that is ‘we should not find a reason to stay happy. Happiness is everywhere. Its just our mind which is stealing our happiness. Keep your mind aside. Listen to your heart.’

The day i started this challenge, i was very angry on my life. My life sucked at that time. I had a heartbreak, i suffered a failure in major events. It was a tough time. I desperately wanted to get out of it. I found while reading on internet and within very next moment i decide to take this challenge thinking this will change my life.

A positive aspect of 100happydays is i kept on looking happiness in each and every thing. I never stayed dependent on few specific thing. I found happiness minute things like kids playing cricket/ writing notes to myself/ driving to countryside/ watching sunset etc. While starting this challenge i had decided that i will not spend much money to buy happiness. I wanted a pure happiness. This helped me to learn how to stay happy even if i am sucking at money. Few times i faked happiness. It was because i used to get very sad thinking about past. But those fake happiness used to make me happy for a change. It was like i was fooling my mind that everything is fine and i am happiest person in this world. This helped a lot.

Lot of my friend took this in funny way. Many made jokes about it. Some even commented that i am going stupid. I used to feel bad. But i ignored. Only i knew that the moment was special. Only i can know how beautiful life was during that moment. It was my happy moment and only i knew importance of it. Comments and jokes from friends helped me to adapt one more important skill. That is ignoring what does not matter to me. This really helped. This was the biggest achievement of this challenge.

Now after 100 days, i am feeling stronger, happier and focused. I have lot of good thing to do in my life. I have few dream and goal. 100happydays challenge definitely helped me to discover who i am. I took this challenge because i wanted to.

Happiness is a journey. Not a destination

Tale of four

When I met them for the first time, I felt they were freak, hyper and loud. But as we spent time together, I realised they were my best buddies in entire college. Minu, Nitya and Sahil were best buddies and were not ready to add fourth person to their group. When we started spending time together neither me nor ‘three’ realised that now it was a group of four. I loved the way Minu, Sahil and Nitya accepted me the way I was. During those days I did not know how to fake things. I was very much simple and innocent guy.
Those days neither of us were having cell phones. No facebook, no whatsapp. Only time when we used to interact was when we used to meet in college. The joy of being together was priceless. I never bunked lectures before that. Our favourite spots were reading hall, bench near ladies common room and Ruia college katta. I still remember the day when I, Minu and Nitya had a chalk fight. It was me vs two girls. Later I had to run inside boys toilet to save myself from getting chalked 😛
We celebrated Saree/Tie day at Centre One, Vashi. For the first time in my life I was in suit and tie. Nitya and Minu were looking very beautiful in Saree and Sahil looked smart in dark brown suit.
Sports day was followed by Saree/Tie day. I was representing cricket team as a bower. When captain handed me ball to open bowling attack, I heard loud cheer from Minu and Nitya. I was never been cheered before that. That was a special time. I took three wicket and by the end of match Minu, Sahil and Nitya were totally mad.
We bunked many lectures for Minu’s dance rehearsals, for Sahil’s singing competition practice. Sahil was practicing ‘Rind posh mall’ song from Mission Kashmir and Minu was learning steps for mashup of ‘Ankhiya na maar ve’, ‘Kajra Re’. Unfortunately I was not able to see their live performance.
Life was at the peak of happiness. Everything was perfect. Nobody knew we were about to part away. As december of 2005 arrived, Nitya got confirmation from University in Sydney for further studies. She planned to shift to Sydney in January. Later in april Minu got admission for physiotherapy studies. I failed first year and decided to quit college for medical entrance test preparation. Sahil stayed at college and finished his studies after two years.
Later next year I failed to score good marks in medical entrance test and i got admission for Commercial pilot training. We all four got busy in our respective life. Few years later Nitya finished her studies and decided to settle down at Sydney, Minu went to Indianapolis for further studies and Sahil went to Auckland for MBA and got settled. Meanwhile I finished pilot training and was selected at Air India for Airbus A320 training.
We four are in four different countries. Everyone is doing well in life. I am happy that we all chose right career path. Spending six month together at Ruia was best time for me. I miss it.
Last time I met Sahil was in January 2014, Nitya in 2008 and met Minu in early 2007. Its been a very long time we haven’t been together.
Someday I will see all them together. I hope. Someday…

A dreamer’s life has begun

Last time i wrote a blog post about my birthday. I really felt nice and special on my birthday. There were few moments in past week when i was again trapped in sad memories. But i am glad that duration of those sad moments were shrunk to few hours. Whenever i used to feel sad, i used to do things which i love most. I watched movies on my laptop, surfed YouTube for funny videos and also diverted my mind by watching porn. I was listening to trance for past few months. Trance is like self-healing for me. It kept me away from all bullshit thoughts. In other respect, trance made me angry too. While in gym, i used to listen to trance and i showed all anger on workout. Once i ran 8 Km while listening to trance. I just kept going. It wont be wrong if I say that i was punishing myself during workout. While lifting weights i used to think “Why it happened to me? Why did I take it casually? Why am I a looser?”. My body suffered a lot during workout. But it turned out to be in positive way for me. In this process I lost calories in my body and now I am lean and healthy.

Since after my birthday i have become a different person(here is my blog post about my birthday). I have stopped chasing people. I started believing that ‘No matter what happens, right people will stay and wrong ones will get eliminated eventually’. This elimination was not easy to accept but after couple of months now i feel that was the best thing ever happened to me. Everything what happens, happens for good cause. People who never deserved me, got eliminated from my life. I thank those who helped me to learn lesson in life.

During these times, i kept telling myself that i am not a bad person. I never did bad to anyone. Good things will happen to me. Few days ago my ex sent me text at night. She was upset with few family issues. We exchanged chats for few minutes. She just wanted to share few things as she felt i was best person to talk to. Later next day, I received a call from a girl for which I had feelings (later i was heartbroken. See story here). She topped her exam and wanted to share this news with me. I am happy for her. I am glad that she remembered me during her happy moments.

From these two incidents, i realized that i am not a bad person. If i was a bad person then i would have not received a call/text from people who parted away from me.

I have forgiven them who left me and cheated on me. They have done thousands of good things for me and did just one thing which hurt me. Value of things which hurt me is nothing in front of values of all good things and good memories i had with them. I have retained positive aspects and let go all sad memories.


I have chosen not to look back. No story has a perfect ending. Every story ends with new beginning. This time new is me and after 40 posts its a true beginning of ‘Nemozine – A dreamer’s life’ blog

Being myself on birthday

Its been three months we are in year 2014 and for the first time i felt nice and happy. I have taken #100happydays challenge on Instagram where i upload a photograph of happiest moment of the day. It surprisingly helped me to stay happy and not to think about things which makes me sad.
My birthday was 21st day on #100happydays list. I wanted my birthday to be the most beautiful birthday ever. So first thing i decided is not to expect any gifts, wishes and visits from friends and family. Half of the problems are solved when we don’t expect anything in return.

My birthdays in 2011 and 2012 were not so awesome due to various reasons. On my last birthday in 2013 i was at hostel room in Hyderabad. All my friends visited me at 12am. There was no electricity. I cut cake in bright focus of mobile phone flashlights. I was taken to dark common room for birthday bumps. That was best birthday till 2013. So i wanted this birthday to be better than previous.

Snickers in morning

Before birthday midnight i was reading Bhagavad- Gītā. Reading Bhagavad- Gītā keeps me positive and motivated. It was 12 am and i was about to finish Chapter 1. I slept thinking about Arjuna’s thoughts about Mahabharata.
After very long time i had a deep sleep. When i woke up, i saw mummy coming close and she wished me with my favourite ‘Snickers’ chocolate. I hugged her and could not stop smile.

I got ready to attend lecture at Mumbai University. When i reached, everyone was happy to see me. All my friends hugged and wished me. After lecture we all friends had lots of fun while making paper-planes and rockets. I could see smiles everywhere.


After lecture i went to library and stayed there till noon. As i decided not to expect anything from anyone, i went to watch a film. I got in to auto rikshaw and headed towards Phoenix Market City. I booked a ticket for ‘Queen’ movie. I loved it. After long tome i watched a movie alone. Last time i watched a movie alone was Namastey London. Kangana Ranaut is awesome in this movie. Queen made my day.

View from Jari Mari

After movie i went to Subway and ordered My favourite 6 inches long Chicken Ham sub. With take away sub I headed towards Jari Mari. By then i was 5 pm. From Jari Mari one can have view of whole Mumbai Airport. Jari Mari is one of my favourite places in Mumbai. I saw aircrafts landing and taking off. Nothing is magnificent than looking at aircrafts touching down on runway and that white smoke due to friction between aircraft tire and runway.


After Jari Mari i travelled to Marine Drives. I wanted to see birthday sunset at Marine Drives. I always wanted to spend my birthday there. This year i made it possible. As i reached there, sun was just few degrees from horizon. I kept looking at that beautiful scene. I was very happy to be there. While sitting there, i did not miss anyone. I was feeling pure and happy. I did not think of those who left me, who cheated on me or those things which made me unhappy. I kept all negativity out of my brain.

Shev Poori

As i reached home at 9pm, mom had made delicious Shev poori. She got a pastry for me which i later cut ( assuming it as a cake). Dad was not at home. He had gone to Nasik for some work. I missed him. 

On my birthday i just stayed alone and happy. Not being dependent on anyone for happiness is best feeling. I felt like king of my own kingdom and there were no sorrows in my kingdom. Many people who are close to me, forgot to wish me on the day. But i just did not care.
By now i have learned to stay happy alone. I have started enjoying my own company. I have realised, i always kept myself within boundaries. But now for the first time i could break those boundaries. I am feeling like i am a free bird.

p.s. This is my first post via iPad. I prefer physical keyboard on laptop. Today gave a try with iPad. Enjoyed typing onscreen.

मेरे जैसा तू

आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे,
तू यही है कही ना कही।
आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे,
तू यही है कही।

कभी मेरे ख्वाब सा, कभी उलझे जवाब सा।
के चंदा मे भी दाग सा, मेरे जैसा तू।
के दरिया का हो इक सिरा,
के अरमानो का सिलसिला,
के सेहरा मे भी आब सा,
मेरे जैसा तू, मेरे जैसा तू।

आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे,
तू यही है कही ना कही।

तेरा हूँ मै, तुझे क्यों ना यकीन है!
चाहत मे मेरी आखिर क्या कमी है?
तुझमे ही तो छुपी मेरी खुदी है।
मेरी खुदी कुछ ना सही।
कुछ ना सही, कुछ ना सही।

आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे,
तू यही है कही।
कभी मेरे ख्वाब सा, कभी उलझे जवाब सा।
के चंदा मे भी दाग सा, मेरे जैसा तू।
के तू ही दरिया का है इक सिरा,
के अरमानो का सिलसिला,
के सेहरा मे भी आब सा,
मेरे जैसा तू, मेरे जैसा तू।

आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे,
तू यही है कही ना ही।

Good things will happen to me

One saddest thing about being innocent and honest is people take me for granted and try to cheat. I may be smiling but it hurts from inside when someone who is very close to me, tries to do so.

Past couple of months were full of heart breaks and disappointments.

  • I did not clear GoAir interview,
  • I failed in Financial Management exam (for final year of management studies),
  • My ex girlfriend found a new guy (who is no way better than me :p),
  • I had fight with my best friend on Goa trip,
  • I started liking a girl but later found that she was cheating on me (now she is entertaining a new guy. Even he is no way better than me),
  • My family is going through financial crisis

Start for 2014 was eventful. On 6th Jan i was called for interview at GoAir (that was the only awesome thing happened in 2014 for me till date). I studied my ass off for it and gave my best. But i could not impress interviewers to get hired. Getting rejected at airline interview was a biggest disappointment for me.

I could not recover from that shock and in same week i came to know that my ex girlfriend has found a new boyfriend. I have lot of memories with her (my laptop is full of our memories). Suddenly all those memories filled my brain and made me sad. I don’t blame her for what has happened. In fact i am happy for her that someone is taking her good care and keeping her happy. But memories of first hug, first kiss, first rain together, first love will always be stored within my heart.

In that same week, university of Mumbai declared results for final year of management studies (semester 5). Though i topped in two papers, i failed in Financial Management. I suddenly went in to depression. I really wanted to run away from this world and forget all shit has happened to me. Later i planned a Goa trip with my friend. I did not have money to spend so he sponsored my trip along with him. I really had a good time at Goa. But i was not able to forget what had happened with me in last few weeks. I never had stability of mind on that whole Goa trip. I was sad. I wanted to express my sorrowful thoughts to my friend but he was in his own world. I hardly had time to speak my heart out.

Meanwhile since last few months i had become good friend with a girl who stays nearby. We became very close. We used to go for movies, we used to workout together, she said she liked me a lot. I liked her too but i never told her my feelings because memories of my first love was still in my heart. I will never be able to replace my feeling of first love. I was waiting for time to pass so that i could forget old memories and to start developing feeling for this this girl. She cared for me very much. I always felt that this girl is always with me and will support me in every situation. I started having blind faith on her. But since January i noticed one drastic change in her. She had joined aerobics and we were no more working out together. January was a month full of disappointments. i wanted her to stand by me, but she started avoiding me. She kept giving me reasons for everything. Since she was not showing care, i was again dishearten. Suddenly everything changed against me. To recover from this, i had a trip to Goa. But it did not work.

February was eventful month too. My ex called me for help. She had an interview at Jet Airways. She wanted me to teach her few things. Initially i refused to help but later i got ready for it. It was not easy for me to see her again and accepting that she is someone else’s love. When we met i pretended i am alright and happy for her. But i was crying from inside. Later she cleared interview and simulator tests and soon she will be joining Jet Airways.

During that time i wanted my girl (who i liked) to be with me and support me. But she rarely had time for me. When we meet she used to talk about aerobics and a guy who workouts with her. I used to feel dishearten. It added to my stress. I just wanted her to listen to me and be with me but she never gave me that time to hear my heart out. I asked her to spend Valentines days evening with me but she refused it by saying she has aerobics classes and she cant miss those. I did not say anything.

A day after valentines day, i wanted to meet her. She said she will be in library till evening. I desperately wanted to see her because it was raining and weather was very romantic. I drove to her library and planned to wait till evening to see her lovely smile. But then i saw her leaving library in afternoon. She got into car. I wanted to give her surprise but she drove her car away before she could see me coming. I followed her but i could not overtake her due to traffic. After few minutes she stopped her car. I thought to walk towards her and say hi! As i was getting out of my car, i saw one guy entering her car. I was shocked. He was that same guy in her aerobics classes.

She started driving and i followed her. I called her few times while driving but she did not respond despite seeing me on call. She did not notice i was following her. I wanted to know where she was going. She told me she will be in library but in real she was with this person. She drove her car towards movie theater. As she parked her car, i got out and went to her. She was shocked to see me. I did not expect this from her. She cheated on me. I was helpless and cursed my destiny.

On the way back, i was crying in my car. I was a completely helpless soul.

I wish i never had feelings for her. These days i see her driving along with same guy. When i see them together, i die every time. She liked me a lot and said i was very special for her. But i never thought it was a lie.

I always wanted to recover from depression but these series of events made me weak and sad. Its been almost a month, i am recovering from it. Its not easy but i can see improvement within.

In last few months i experienced series of rejections in each and every event. I wrote diary whenever i used to feel low. I kept watching inspiring videos on YouTube. I never stopped working out in gym. I challenge myself in gym and train hard.

be honest anyway

This though period is still not over. But i am sure it will pass by and very soon i will be a strong person. I have promised myself that i will never think of revenge. I will keep doing my karma. Good things will happen to me.

Am i fake blogger?

At this time, i have a lot things to write. I have numerous topics to share on blog. But i am waiting for a perfect time. Every time I click on “New Post” tab and start writing but eventually i realize that this is not perfect time to share it to world through my blog. Today i logged in to WordPress to write about a sensitive topic. But then i realized that this is not time to do so. May be after few months i will write about it.. At this moment i may be in perfect mental condition to write about this topic but i never want to write something which will send negative vibes to reader. 


I prefer writing when i am positive and energetic. It makes me feel motivated when i read my previous posts. But am I being fake? Am i hiding other side of me? I do get low and loose confidence. There is huge amount of stress in my life which I never try to express on my blog. Am i pretending that i am living happy and satisfied life? Sometimes i feel i should also write about my struggle and how i am tackling it in my life. May be it will give me confidence in future when i will be reading my posts. It will be my support during low times. But i fear that my blog will become full of sorrowful posts. I think i should give a try for it. What do you think? Please comment below

The process of happiness and Support

What a person wants in his life? All the hard work he does is for what reason? What is ultimate goal of his efforts? What he expects from his surrounding? All these questions may have different meaning but their answers lies in one word. And that word is ‘Happiness’. Happiness is answer to all the questions in his life. Motive behind every act of human is related to happiness. A man earn money to serve his and his family’s needs to stay happy. Alcohol addict fill his glass with wine to forget his sorrow and feel happy. This may be an artificial happiness but this happiness which lasts for short time, makes him to forget his all sorrows.

Happiness is an extremely tricky word. A man can do anything to get happy. Anything means he can go to all possible limits. Those limits can be positive or negative. He don’t bother about sufferings he will experience while going to various limits. All he know is that at the end there is a pleasant situation which will make him forget his sorrows and live better life. That pleasant situation is called as Happiness.

Human psychology of happiness is a vast field of study. I am not a great learner of human psychology. This post may be conflicting with studies done by experts. This is purely based on my thinking.

Lets get back to Happiness. Path of happiness is not always easy. Sometimes this path turns out so bad that a person has to choose between vital sections of his life. So while choosing between those things, he makes various mistakes. He looses many opportunities. And yes – he looses his dear ones. This is not in all cases when he looses support of his dear ones. But according to studies, in about 73% of cases, it was found that the person who is working hard to achieve happiness tends to hurts his dear ones. And in about 49% of cases his dear one end up in fight and then they part away. This is very sad part of the process of happiness when his dear ones leave him. He does all hard work just to see him and his dear one happy. But this process is so complected that it may cause blunder in ones life. At this time a person may loose hopes and may shatter very badly. He does all efforts to see his people happy and he expects support from his people. “Support” is a vital aspect of any Happiness process. It can be called as catalyst in this process. When he get support, this process goes in smooth flow. without support it becomes hard to survive. Once damage done, it is very difficult to repair.

Support and Happiness process can be called as two sides of a coin. Both sides have to be with each other.

A man starts Happiness process keeping in mind ‘future together’ with dear ones. But lack of support from his dear ones end up in breaking relation and sorrow. There is only one thing i can tell to those who dont get support from their dear ones.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Forget past and get happy again

Support is temporary. Happiness is Forever


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Eastern Freeway, Marine drives and rain

The moment I started writing a blog, I thought I would be a regular blogger. But it never happened. My last post is a month old and now after long time I am writing a new. I tried to update something but in the end dropped. So now I have realized that I am a blogger who blogs only when is feeling happy and joyful. There is no point in writing something which reminds sad and unimportant moments in life.
I was planning to write this post yesterday but was very tired to do so. Yesterday started with Shagun’s call at 8 am . We had a plan to watch Bhag Milkha Bhag. It is a movie inspired by real life story of Milkha Singh who is a legendary athlete of India. He won many gold medals for India and had a world record on his name in 400 meter run. He is known as The Flying Sikh. Movie was very inspiring and meaningful. Story Flying Sikh showed how high dedication is needed to see your dream come true.
Milkha- The Flying Sikh
After movie we decided to drive to Marine Drives. Few days back Eastern Freeway has opened up which connects Chembur to CST. This journey takes just 15 minutes as the road runs parallel to sea on elevated bridge.It has no signals, no speed breakers. Finding a route to Eastern Freeway was not difficult. Thanks to Google Navigation in Shagun’s phone. As we left Vashi, heavy rain started. Feeling of driving in rain was magical. Powerful air conditioning in her car was making me relaxed.
I go to university very often. I travel by train. While passing though Vashi creek in train, I see Roadway Bridge running parallel to Railway Bridge. It feels great to see my train and cars moving parallel. But yesterday I was on parallel bridge. I was in car and I could see Railway Bridge running parallel. Train was passing by and It was magical. Heavy rain made this journey very special.
Eastern Freeway
Eastern Freeway starts with very beautiful tunnel. And as we pass by tunnel, we climbed up to bridge which runs parallel to seacoast. I could not clearly see sea because it was raining heavy. As it was Freeway Shagun was driving at 100kmph. She has a nice collection of song in her phone. Songs, rain, Eastern Freeway and powerful air conditioning was perfect combination for that day.
We did not take much time to reach Marine Drives.  Parked her car and started walking. We walked towards extreme end of marine drives near Nariman Point. Luckily it was not raining when we started walk. ‘Chana jor garam’ for two added spice to our walk at Marine Drives. We sat on artificial rocks facing towards sea. It was twilight. Sun was setting down.  Sea was transiting from blue to black. Sky was full of clouds and was transiting from grey to black. Waves were high and they sounded very pleasant.  Transition from day to night was fascinating. Nature is very beautiful. Everyone around was busy in clicking photos but I was capturing those moment in my memory through my sensory organs. Marine Drives is my favorite place
By the time it was 7:15pm and we decided to drive back to Nerul. As we climbed to Eastern Freeway, it started raining. This time it was magical to see heavy raindrops colliding with windscreen. We were fast at 120kmph. So within no time we reached Chembur. Freeway was so fascinating that we decided to take U turn and drive back on Freeway. The joy was back and it was a wonderful feeling.
It was a wonderful time. After very long time i had nice time. ‘Inspiration from Bhag Milkha Bhag, beauty of Eastern Freeway and pleasant atmosphere at Marine Drives’ made my day a memorable one. I thanked Shagun to make it a wonderful day.

Every day is filled with tiny pleasant moments. It depends on us whether we find those moments.  If we find those, that day gets stored in your memory for lifetime. So keep looking for those moments and see how happy life is

New friend is here

Yeah it’s been a dream come true. I was waiting for this moment since very long time. And now I have an iPad 😃. My dad gifted me this sexy gadget. I am extremely happy. Now I am going to make full use of iPad for studies and knowledge.

I got a very good deal at . This one is 64 gb iPad 3 wifi + cellular. I got it for 39,000 rupees when it sells at 48,000 rupees in market. So I have saved 9 thousand for this piece or you can say I bought this one at same price of 16 gb wifi+cellular model.  It looks sexy in white colour. 
On very first day I did FaceTime with Nikhil and Dee dee. Chiku was with Dee dee. Mom and dad felt extremely happy to do FaceTime. I haven’t installed sim card in this but will do it very soon. Right now I am using neighbours wifi connection😜. Don’t doubt me, he has kept his wifi open. Looks like he is a guy with big heart 😁. 

I have added books to iBooks. Now it’s easy for me to study and keep away those heavy and fat FCOM’s.  I pray this new friend will be with me forever and help me to rise up and up ✌

Back to Relaxed mode

Its been four days I have been to Nasik.  After finishing training at Air India, Hyderabad it is a much needed vacation. Life at Hyderabad was not much happening. Only the best angle of Hyderabad was Airbus A320 training. Rest everything was very dull for me while doing Endorsement type rating. I was at Hyderabad for nine months in CTE, Air India’s womb and she nourished me the best way she could.
I wanted a serious break after finishing stressful training. I reached Mumbai with all my luggage and guitar. But it was not beginning for rest period for me. Shweta had RTR exam. She wanted me to teach her. I started her coaching on very next day i reached Mumbai. After three day training she headed for Delhi and next day i headed for Nasik. My father owns row house at Nasik Road. But this is not typical row house. You can call it mini-bungalow. This house is airy and big. I love staying here. Climate at Nasik is so good, i did not sweat here since i reached here. Life is very relaxing over here.
Deepak was in Mumbai and he was pissed off because of boredom. He had some work at Nasik, he traveled to Nasik to meet me. Seeing him after very long time was a good feeling. He is totally animated and crazy. He came to Nasik for three days.

A devotee enjoying Dive

 Next day we headed to Panchvati. A holy place along Godavari river bed. Panchvati is a holy place in Hindu religion. There were many devotee who came to seek blessings. Men were enjoying swimming in river. I tried to click some of them.

After few clicks and flicks, we headed to Pandav Leni where 1200 year old caves of Lord Buddha were are carved. Pandav  Leni was carved by Buddhist king for comfort and stay of Saints. This place is very beautiful and well maintained by Maharashtra government.

Pandav Leni carved caves

Today after finishing his official work Deepak left for Mumbai. Now I am back to my sweet palace( my home). Its awesome to be felt relaxed. After spending time with Shweta and then Deepak, I finally got time for myself. But I won’t be getting much time to relax. Air Asia will be conducting selection test very soon. So I have just a day or two to relax.

Up in the Air for very first time

It was a day I was waiting for since I have started aviation studies. A day for familiarization flight on Air India A320 at Chennai International Airport.
It was a perfect day for a flight. Light cross winds, OAT 32 degree,cloud at 4000 feet.

intercepting Loc

Me and Divakar left Hyderabad in bus a day before fam flight. Bus was a Ac sleeper. When we booked a ticket, arrival time was 7:30am but in real it was 9:30am. We were very scared because we will be reporting late at airport. Next day we reported at 10:30am. Capt. Tony Davis was angry on us. He quickly got calm and started briefing. We 4 had flight that day. Me, Divakar, Mitanshu and Suzanne. After breath analyzer test, we headed to departure gate. And my my… I loved the way people were staring at me. I was in uniform and carrying flight bag. Air India vehicle took us to Air India A320 VT-EPC aircraft. She was beautiful. Creamy white body and red tail was an eye catcher. Capt. Sameer took us for external inspection. I was feeling like hugging her. A320 is a dream aircraft.

Taxing in

After external we were all set to go. Suzanne was on control along with Capt. Tony Davis. Capt. Sameer and Mitanshu were n jump seat. Only me and Divakar were in cabin. It was awesome feeling to roam around in cabin. After Suzanne, Mitanshu and Divakar, it was my turn to get on to controls. It was a feeling to die for. I started taxi. She was responding like butter. I lined her up on runway 07 threshold. Take-off clearance and there we go. Stabilized, Flex and she was gaining speed. Within no time she got airborne. It was light aircraft and she climbed very fast. I did not feel any difference between simulator and actual aircraft. ATC vectored us for ILS rw 07. On finals it was time for visual approach. As I was approaching runway my concentration was getting deeper. 50 feet thrust idle. 20 feet flare. She touched down very smooth. We went ahead for touch and go. After that I did one more touch and go and one full stop landing. 2nd landing was smoothest of all. After 3 rd landing we started taxing in. I was on controls. As we reached near parking bay Capt. Tony Davis took controls. Parking checklist and shut down check list. And it was over. Last few hours were more satisfying hours of my life. I pinched myself to realize that I actually flew A320.
Flying A320 was a dream. Now it has become passion.

Dedication and Lonelyness

Its been a week since I have started Fixed base simulator training. Its awesome feeling to fly A320. But flying this beautiful airplane is not so easy. I need to work hard to master this plane. Today was 5th session. Capt. Sandeep Rana and Capt. M K Dutta are my instructor. I have never seen cool and down to earth instructors like them. They breif me very well before training session. I could see my instructors are giving more than 100% for my training. But I am lacking somewhere. I am not doing self study and not reading enough after every training session. If I keep doing this then it will be very bad for me. This training is a serious business. I have to stay focused and calm.

Hyderabad is not great city. Atleast the place where I live is very boring. My dad has sold almost everything for my training. We don’t have more money. So I have decided to stay in cheap hostel. Its a 13 feet x 7 feet room which includes washroom. Fan in my room is faulty. It doesn’t fasten up. So it becomes very hot inside. Its not at all good place to stay while doing training but I have no option. Food here is also not good. It is edible but I miss good food. Because of all these sad conditions and environment I feel very lonely in here. I don’t have anyone to talk and share time. I tried to chat with friends on whatsapp. But I can’t ask their time everyday. I guess because I chat very often, people started avoiding me. I have realized one thing in past 4 months- If you tell someone that you have feeling for them, then that person get full authority to play with your emotions.
Now I have decided to not be get into any emotional trauma. Fuck this lonely feeling. Nobody will care about what I do in my life. Today I am lonely and nobody is with me. But when soon when I will be successful and rich man, everyone will be roaming around me. But that time I will never neglect anyone because I know how it feels to get neglected by someone who you like to talk.
March 2013 is vital month for my career. I will be doing core training of my lifetime in this month. So now I don’t have to loose my focus. Its always better to be heartless than looser in lonelyness. I will never forgive those who made me feel lonely. I have stopped contacting everyone who doesn’t care about me and my feelings. Fuck those who don’t give a shit about me. I have proved myself in past times and I will prove it again everytime.
Forget the world. You are champion

Emotions and you

Emotions are like boomerang. If you throw it away, it comes back and hit you. Living without emotions is not possible but living with emotions is not good either. Someone has rightly said that learn to fool your emotions but never let your emotions fool you. Being an emotional person, i try to control myself to express my thoughts. But sometimes  emotions overflows. It can overflow in two possible ways. In form of happiness and in form of tears. Emotions in form of tears are very difficult to control because its hard to explain it to someone else. But in case of emotions in form of happiness, its very easy to express it to almost any person. My point is that sad emotions are very difficult to control and stop. There is only one cure for it. And that is to fool your mind. Its not easy in first go but as time passes, it shows good effect. But fooling your emotions may lead yourself turn into heartless. So first learn how to control your feelings, then work on how to fool your mind and try to adapt your lifestyle according to it.

I am saying all this is because these days i have become victim of sad emotions. I could not stop getting into depression. It is about my past relationship. But at this time while writing this blog I am stable. Its time to adapt as per condition and learn to fool your mind. Its not easy but I’m trying. 

A day of joy

It was a Sunday as a Sunday should be. Totally rocking day it was. I was at Kala Ghoda Music Festival with Deepak. It was a day to die for because I have never been to any concert before. Getting inside the concert was a big task. There was no Q. It was like a kumbh mela at the main entrance. Thank god we successfully finished task of getting in and caught seat with good view.
First was Akriti Kakar. She is very beautiful so as her voice. She sung title track of Johnny Gaddar and some more chart buster songs. Mood was setting up nicely for the main event featuring Salim-Suleiman. Salim started with Aye khuda and whole crowd went crazy. Later Benny Dayal, Kirti and one lady singer joined him. Man o man, they have such a fantastic band. The guy on baansuri was mind blowing and drummer was electrifying. They played Aiveyi Aiveyi, o re piya, tauba tauba, kurbaan hua, shukran Allah, maula mere and many more songs. But moment of the day was Chak De India title song. Whole crowd went crazy and were singing along. Me and deepak were dancing on beats. A memorable time it was.

After a concert we headed to Marine Drives. I was lying on my back to see stars. As Mumbai sky is not clean I could see only few stars. I did count them and those were 18 😉 . Sweet sound of waves colliding with shore was making me feel good. I was calm and enjoying the moment. I was right at the queens necklace. After 35 minutes at marine drives we started walking towards CST station. Town looked very beautiful in night. I fell in love with it. To fetch our hunger we checked in to McDonald’s at 11:15pm. 2 Alu Tikki each was a menu for dinner. I don’t like Alu Tikki but at that moment I found it very tasty.
A live concert, Marine drives and McDonald’s. Three of my favorites on same day. I could not ask for more happiness because I had all I love.

Marine Drives

Chak De India song live performance

Akriti Kakar live

Her first touch

Today I had last two supernumery sessions. This time it was in old simulator. My all previous sessions were booked in new simulator 3. Though it was new simulator, it has become very special for me. I got to fly it today. Capt. N P Singhal was very kind to offer me to operate lovely A320 in simulator. It was a amazing moment for me as I started to perform cockpit preparation, before start check list and so on.
It was time to advance thrust levers to flex for take off. 100 knots, V1, rotate and wow… I applied gentle back pressure on side-stick and she was airborne. Feeling of touching her was magnificent. She is a lovely flyer. She manages everything I just had to be gentle to her. Following FD was very new experience for me. Lovely guidance it gives and makes flight very easy to handle. Few minutes later I tried Track-FPA mode to fly her. And again she was very gentle in it. Captain kept giving me heading to fly and I follwed his instructions.
Now it was time for approach and land. He tuned for ILS RW 28 and gave me runway heading. Flying FD made me fly on profile. I was giving very gentle corrections to her. Runway was coming close and I was more focused on following FDs to keep me on profile. She gently touched down and I applied reversals. The way she responded to my orders made me fall for her.
While on approch Capt. N Singhal asked who is flying? Captain said “Sir, he(me) is flying”. Capt. N Singhal said, “arrey wah that’s nice. You are doing good”. His words gave me high boost. He also advised me to read SOPs and FCTM. What best thing is I made good first impression. I need to keep it up like this.
Right now I am travelling back to Mumbai. Its a overnight journey. I am very excited to see my new borne nephew. I haven’t told my parents about my home visit. I want to surprise them.

Yeyyy!! he is here

Today my sister gave birth to baby boy. This is very special moment for me. I was eagerly waiting for him. I used to see him moving inside his mothers womb. Deedee said he used to love playing football in her womb.

I am desperately waiting for my supernumery sessions to get over so that I can go home to see new born kid.. May god bless him with all power, immunity and intelegence. I love him

Hopes and dedication

Dedication is something which helped me to reach up to this stage of my career. I was not sure if I could do this but as time progressed I molded myself to win the race. It was 2007 monsoon when I first stepped into commercial aviation studies. Things were not easy. But dedication made my path easy. Many people say I reached upto here because of luck. But this is not true. Luck played small role but dedication was vital element of my journey. My journey has not finished yet. Infact I haven’t finished one tenth of it. I am trying to stay motivate and dedicated.
Hope is what made me to stay dedicated. It made me to take big desicions. I did multi-engine rating because I had a hope that Indigo or Air India will recruit. Doing multi was turning point of my life. I got into Air India as self sponsored trainee pilot. Now I have hope that Air India will induct me. Because of this I took big desicion of spending big money for A320 training.
My hopes and my dedication are flying simultaniously. All I want to stay motivated and stay focused
P.S. I did not tried to increase friendship with Divya. I don’t want to divert my mind from career. At this moment I just want to stay dedicated at my dream

Closing cycles

One always has to know when a stage
comes to an end. If we insist on staying
longer than the necessary time, we lose
the happiness and the meaning of the
other stages we have to go through.
Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending
chapters – whatever name we give it, what
matters is to leave in the past the
moments of life that have finished.
Did you lose your job? Has a loving
relationship come to an end? Did you
leave your parents’ house? Gone to live
abroad? Has a long-lasting friendship
ended all of a sudden?
You can spend a long time wondering why
this has happened.
You can tell yourself you won’t take
another step until you find out why
certain things that were so important and
so solid in your life have turned into dust,
just like that.
But such an attitude will be awfully
stressing for everyone involved: your
parents, your husband or wife, your
friends, your children, your sister.
Everyone is finishing chapters, turning
over new leaves, getting on with life, and
they will all feel bad seeing you at a
Things pass, and the best we can do is to
let them really go away.
That is why it is so important (however
painful it may be!) to destroy souvenirs,
move, give lots of things away to
orphanages, sell or donate the books you
have at home.
Everything in this visible world is a
manifestation of the invisible world, of
what is going on in our hearts – and
getting rid of certain memories also
means making some room for other
memories to take their place.
Let things go. Release them. Detach
yourself from them.
Nobody plays this life with marked cards,
so sometimes we win and sometimes we
Do not expect anything in return, do not
expect your efforts to be appreciated,
your genius to be discovered, your love to
be understood.
Stop turning on your emotional television
to watch the same program over and over
again, the one that shows how much you
suffered from a certain loss: that is only
poisoning you, nothing else.
Nothing is more dangerous than not
accepting love relationships that are
broken off, work that is promised but
there is no starting date, decisions that
are always put off waiting for the “ideal
Before a new chapter is begun, the old
one has to be finished: tell yourself that
what has passed will never come back.
Remember that there was a time when you
could live without that thing or that
person – nothing is irreplaceable, a habit
is not a need.
This may sound so obvious, it may even
be difficult, but it is very important.
Closing cycles. Not because of pride,
incapacity or arrogance, but simply
because that no longer fits your life.
Shut the door, change the record, clean
the house, shake off the dust.
Stop being who you were, and change into
who you are.

Begining of new era

03 Dec 2013. Its a very special day for me. Today I went to Airbus A320 simullator for my first supernumery session. It was a breath-taking experience in brand new A320 simulator at CTE, Air India. It was a routine check for Capt. Abhishek Choudhary and Capt. Milind under supervision of Capt. A Pramanick.
My session was initially scheduled for 1600 hrs but it got rescheduled for 1905. I reached there 30 minutes before time. I had 3 glass of water and made myself relax. After few minutes I clicked photograph of simulator. This simulator 3 is so beautiful that I fell in love with it. Air India logo on simulator was making it look more beautiful.

That was a moment which is going to take me to new heights of commercial flight training. At 1900 I entered simulator with all 3 crews. Capt. Abhishek and Capt. Milind were doing pre flight procedures and Capt. A Pramanick was giving them instructions. I was observing Capt. Abhishek as he was filling data in flight computer through MCDU, Capt. Milind was setting parameters on FCU and Capt. A Pramanick was feeding data in simulator master computer. I was just staring at cockpit of lovely A320. It was a love at first flight. Overhead panel, padestal, Display Unit, side stick, throttle…every inch of this cockpit was looking smooth as silk and attractive like diamond.
Capt. Milind moved throttle to take-off power. I was staring like a child. Before I noticed anything it was engine failure before V1. Capt. Milind rejected take-off and stopped aircraft on runway. Engine failure command was given by Capt. A Pramanick in simulator master computer. This is a part of training. After resetting cockpit conditions we went ahead for new take off. V1, rotate and we were in air. Positive rate, gear up. Wow! Everything looked so magical. During climb engine 1 bleed fault occured. Both crew took corrective actions. But after couple of minute same fault occured along with low cabin pressurization. Crew decided to return back to base. While returning they encountered traffic on TCAS. While on approach both FCU failure occured. Capt. Milind was doing manual landing. Winds were slight cross and it was not easy to maintain flight on localiser. At minimums crew experienced unstabilized approach. Go around and we again went up to 6000 feet. At 6000 feet Capt. A Pramanick reset the faults and we were flying with all ops normal. Now it was time for blue + green hydraulic failure. OMG what concerntration is needed to fly an airliner. Landing with blue + green hydraulic failure was not easy.
Capt. A Pramanick was using his iPad to refer QRH and adviced crew about same. During session he asked me “when break hot indication warning goes off?” I did not answer. It was 290 degree celcius. I took down important notes during session as I used to do it during CPL training days.

I want to keep myself motivated during whole training. Its my dream and I can see my dream is coming true. Tomorrow I have second session of supernumery in simulator.

Think positive. Achieve goal

A new hope. A new year

This is it. We all are into new year. I am celebrating new year in new city. Hyderabad. People in this city are going crazy tonight. Bikers are rocking city roads. Every one seems to be happy. And yeah I am happy too.
At new year countdown I was at my apartment near Masab Tank. It was like a normal night for me. Watching tv and switching over channels. It was a stupidest way of celebrating new year. At very next moment I decided to step out of the house and walk on the streets. I saw large number of youth cheering and celebrating the event. A walk at midnight and happy people around was a perfect start for my new year. I hired auto to reach HardRock cafe. Of course I went there to see drunk chicks. And I did see around half dozon chicks. I met few friends who just stepped out of HardRock. Cafe was close by now. I did not mind though.
Now I am walking back to my apartment. Bikers are doing stunts and guys are almost popping out of running car. I am walking alone and I am happy. I strongly belive that you don’t need company to stay happy.
I know this new year is going to be a most amazing year. To make it more amazing I have to work hard and win the battle. This year I will be A320 type rated pilot. My life is going to be changed. Getting trained in Air India was most outstanding thing happened to me in 2012. In 2013 I will prove myself as a good and safe pilot. My new year resolution are to stay happy, stay fit, start flying for living, eat healthy food and stay single. Well, I am quite not sure about staying single. I like one girl (I mentioned about her in recent post).
That day Divya did meet me at 9 o’clock. Today again I went to meet her. She was happy too see me. We talked for quite long duration. I won’t be getting much timeto see her once my simulator session starts. Now I have got nothing to do for few days. I will try to see her quite often.
This was best new year night for me so far. I hope we see a peaceful year ahead.
Life is good. Keep smiling

Journey back to Hyd

I am on the way to Hyderabad. My simulator training will resume in few days. Right now I am at Yavat which is a small town on Mumbai- Solapur highway. Its very cold out here. My palms are freezing.
I just had dinner. Mom packed me a tiffin. She cooked my favourite bhindi masala and roti. I had 3 and half roti and I am full. I am travelling by Sahara travells volvo bus. Bus is not quite comfortable. I am in very first row (I purposely booked in first row to get extra leg space). Pirated movies are being played on television inside bus. Sound is very loud and annoying. I have put headphone so that I get less irritation. Bus guy played Dabangg 2, Khiladi 786 and now Oh my god is on show. Video and sound is not synchronised at all. I wish I could have booked other travels. But I found this very cheap and had less travel duration.
Its 11:30 in night. I am planing sleep in rest of journey. I have a shawl on my seat. I hope it will be a good journey from here. I am having slight head-ache. I hope I will be ok once I sleep.
Today I was trying to wear contact lenses for first time. It took me more than an hour just to wear my first lense. But I could not wear second lense because I had to do packing for my travel. I removed lense and continued with spectacle.
I will reach hyderabad by tomorrow morning. I have a 7 day occomodation in Nabard guest house. In 7 days I need to find a good accomodation near CTE, Air India. I hope I will find a good stay and it will be a good time at Hyderabad.

P.S. I don’t have data connection in my phone. I will publish this post once I reach Hyderabad)

A day with mixed emotions

Well this post is not about today, its about yesterday. Mixed emotions, yeah it was full of mixture of them. It started as a normal but ended up in extremely sad day. I experienced happiness, joy, friendship, excitement, loneliness and no money.

I was at Mumbai domestic airport with Ajinkya to meet his cousin Hira who is flying for Spicejet. We were already running behind time to see him. Before we reached, Hira had to resume his flight duty. I wish i could meet him. If we must have left home early, we could have meet him. Me and Ajinkya then decided to roam around airport, We were at arrival gate, staring at people coming out of airport. Watching people coming out of airport is not at all fun job. By this time i was very hungry. I did not have proper lunch yesterday. I wish i could have had good meal in afternoon. Before i left home, mom got some wada pav but i did not eat it because it has lot of calories. Me and Ajinkya were having very less money. I was having 40 rupees and Ajinkya was having around 50 rupee. It was very difficult to find cheap food near airport. There was a restaurant near-by but we could not afford it. Finally we found a cheap restaurant to eat. We had a bhel costing 20 rupee each and grabbed a Lays chips. now i was having only 6 rupees in my pocket. When you are hungry, you find any food look tasty. Same happened to me and Ajinkya.

While on return journey, my ex girlfriend called Ajinkya. And surprisingly she was at same railway station as we were. Ville Parle. Ajinkya is like brother to her. I told him to meet her, i will stay away. I told Ajinkya to not to tell her that i am with you. I saw her. She was looking pretty. She was smiling. I was staring at her. I don’t know why i still feel like taking care of her. But i don’t have feelings for her. I felt sad and lonely just because i saw her and i remembered old good days. No money in my pocket and watching my ex girlfriend made me more sad.

While watching her from behind the wall, i saw a young girl feeding biscuits to dogs near me. She was doing good job. Being a good guy, i asked her, “you do this everyday?” She arrogantly replied “No. only when i come to this place. Do you have any problem?” I stay calm. This is not my fault nor her fault. Its because present condition of women in India. Women don’t feel comfortable these days because of sexual harassment  on female in India. I was just being friendly and she replied rude. This was a add on for sadness.

very few passengers in train at night

Ajinkya was insisting me to come to his house but i did not want to go. By the time i reached Seawoods station, i realized i have only 6 rupee with me and i require 10 rupee to get auto-rickshaw to home. But surprisingly i saw my neighbor near station and he gave me lift to my home. If i must have not meet him, i had to walk 1.5 km to home at 1 in night.
I reached home. Everyone was sleeping. I went to kitchen and had dinner. I was very calm while eating. I could feel the feeling of being home when you are hungry and have no money.
It was not a day to remember but it taught me many things. Emotions play with our mind. Keep emotions but don’t let it ruin your time.

Seawoods station @1am 

A long walk and music

Last 10 days were very exciting and were full of surprises. It feels good to get surprised.
Today I am in Rock Garden. Its a same place which I mentioned in my earlier posts. My home is 2.5k away from Rock Garden. I decided to talk down to this place. Another reason for walking such long distance is Runkeeper. This is a workout app in my phone and it tracks my activity whenever I run or walk.

Laila, Imran, Arjun, Kabir

While walk I was playing songs of Zindagi na milegi dobara in my headphone. I have seen znmd almost 15 time till today. This film is like inspiration for me. I really loved the character of Laila. She is full of life. She wants life to surprise her, meet new people,have good experiences. Her character really made positive impact on me. Listening to znmd song while walk was a good feeling. Poems in this film are extremely beautiful. Its really touches your soul.

Rain Forest restaurant 

2 days ago Deepak told me he got increment stipend from hospital where he works. He invited me to celebrate it. We decided to visit Rain forest restaurant. But before having food, he bought 2 tin beer. It was KF strong. This was the first time we were drinking together. We both are occasional drinker. It was perfect occasion for us to get drunk. After cheers Deepak said “Hope it gets bigger and bigger”.
Restaurant was very beautiful. Its theme was rain forest. Food was tasty too. It was our first celebration and I too hope it gets bigger and bigger.

After dinner we went to Parsik hill to see how nerul looks at night. City looked very beautiful but visibility was poor.

Another surprise was when I was at Ajinkya’s house. It was her Maasi’s bday. She took us out for a dinner. We had lot of fish.

Today is cold evening. I am sitting inside a hut in Rock garden. I could feel cold breeze passing by my ears. I could hear cricket sound near me. Sun is setting down the horizon and aircraft is banking in the sky above me. Its a best time of day. My friend Swapnali will be here soon. I haven’t met her since 4 months. We had a small fight last time. Hope this time we don’t fight. 

So called winter !!

So called Mumbai winter

Its winter season in India. Well I don’t think so. Its freaking hot here in Mumbai. I know this part of India doesn’t get cold as rest of country but there has to be some sign of cold. Today afternoon I checked temperature on Google. It was 32 degree celcius in Mumbai. Humidity from Arabian sea is making Mumbai look like steam coocker. I won’t be wrong if I relate this with Global Warming.

Last time Mumbai airport was closed because of heavy fog was in 1989. Now a days whatever fog I see in Mumbai is not actually fog. Its smog. Pollution and dust is making Mumbai sky look like iDot. I don’t remember last time when I saw stars in Mumbai’s sky. Last night is was very hot inside my house. I was not able to sleep because of heat. Fan was on full mode but it was doing nothing but puking hot air.

If you go outside Mumbai, you will see sudden temperature decrease. Cold temperature makes me feel good and motivates me to do workout. But these days after running for 2 kilometer my whole body gets covered with sweat. Its irritating 😦

Today I will be staying at Ajinkya’s house. His parents are out of town. I am planning to cook at his house. Cooking is real fun. I love cooking when parents are not at my home. Last time when my parents were out I used to enjoy cooking. Bhakti used to help me. I remember we cooked Alu parathas. It was yumm with curd. Cooking is an art and I am struggling artist :p

I like to walk at night. Me and Ajinkya will be going for night walk. I hope it will be cool in Thane.
Happy winter. Huh

A magical day

Today i have migrated to blogger. I was using WordPress but I found blogger very convenient because it is linked to my Google+ profile. I have simply cop- pasted my WordPress posts to blogger.

Today was a fantastic day. Me and Deepak went for a movie called Life of Pi. It has a story which makes you keep believe in god and it tells us that no matter what happens, you have to keep trying. 2 hours in cinema hall was very inspiring experience.
Here is promo of this film

After movie, we had lunch at street restaurant near Vashi railway station. Chinese food at that place tastes very good. Me and Deepak usually visit it when we are meeting at Vashi. After lunch we bought some books and decided to visit Parsik Hills. Here is a link of this place: [ ]
When we reached there sky was full of alto-cumulus clouds. Sun was hiding behind clouds. Visibility was very good. I could see airline logo on aircraft’s tail which were passing above us at 5000 feet. Sunset was nearing. Horizon had become orange colored. Whole sky was divided in color shades from orange to blue. In those shades white clouds were making that scene very magnificent.
Here is a photograph

Sunset view at Parsik Hills

An inspiring movie and after that a beautiful sunset. It was magical time. I am feeling very much motivated. But it was not end to this beautiful day. After sunset we headed to Rock garden in Nerul. It is big garden. I love to walk barefoot on grass. Touch of cold and green grass was making me feel very good. Me and Deepak were lying down, watching stars. In Mumbai we could not see clear stars due to pollution and dust. Watching stars while lying on grass was best feeling of the day. I was so relaxed. We talked about stars, universe, Buddhism, Alexander the great, King Asoka, Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts  and many more.
By the time we finished talking, it was 8:30pm. It was time to head our homes. We thanked each other for this wonderful time.
I do believe that some days has magical touch. For me today was magical day which made me strong to believe in myself. 

line of determination

At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. It’s not like you’re giving up, and it’s not like you shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination from desperation. What is truly yours will eventually be yours, and what is not, no matter how hard you try, will never be . . .

Poor at money. Rich with heart

Mothe baba

The man is this photograph is a cobbler. He earns money by mending shoe for living. He is in his 70s and stays alone. He doesn’t have house to live. He sleeps in school during night. He is very poor. And most shocking thing is, he is my uncle(dads real brother) How unrealistic it is. I am a pilot, and my uncle is a poor cobbler. He earns 50-60 rupees a day. And I spend same money just for nothing. I feel ashamed of myself when I think of him.
Few days ago I was in Nasik, I went to meet him. He was sitting in market. It was bright day. I was concerned not to get tanned. At same time he was doing stitches on shoes. I was standing away from him and I could not have courage to meet him. I am very happy in my life. I spend lot of money on unnecessory things. But he is fighting for living and that to in his very old age. After some time, I walked near to him. When he saw me, he was very happy. I could feel his wibes when he saw me. First thing he asked me what am I doing in life. I said I am under training in Air India. He felt nice to hear that. He said I am proud of you son. Keep it up. He asked about my parents. He stopped doing stitches when he was talking to me.
After talking for some time, he orderd tea for me. I could feel his caring nature. He is satisfied in what he is doing and what he is earning. He was not having more money but still he got me a cup of tea. He also asked me to eat something but I refused as I had breakfast few hours earlier. At that moment, I was very emotional. My eyes were wet. I was feeling sad for him. Whatever he must have done in his young ages, but he deserves care in his old age. He lost his job in police, his wife left him with two childrens. He is alone. I don’t know exact reason but old member of my family says he himself is responsible for his present condition. But whatever it is, I don’t care abut what he has done in past. I just care that he is my uncle and he loves me a lot.
One important thing he said to me. He said, ” now I have become old. My days are getting over. I will die soon. But before dying I want to see you getting married. I want to see you happy. I don’t know dance but I will drink half bottle and I will dance in your marriage. I am proud of you my son. Do come here to see me. You will find me at this same place”.
Few days back my cousin set up a house for him. That house is very small in size. But now he has got a shelter to sleep. He is a man who will work himself for food but will not ask for help. Self respect means a lot to him. I could see lot of similarity in nature between him and my father. This man did lot of hardwork in his young age and still he is doing it in old days.
I love him. I pray god for his health. I want to do something for him. I am waiting for job. Once I start earning, I will definitely try to make him feel good.

Travelling to Native

I am on the way to my grandfather(maternal)’s house. It is 40 kms away from nasik. Its been long time i have not visited his place. I used to visit that place when i was child. We all cousins used to gather during summer vacation and we used to have lot of fun. But now things have changed. Most cousins are married now and we rarely visit this place. 
Due to some issues my father is not talking to grandfather. Whenever i used to visit thay place with family, my father and grandfather used to fight on different issues. Thats why i did not feel like going to that place. Because whenever i used to visit i had to see fights. But today i am going there to make old memories alive.
Anyways, i am in state transport bus. Windows are open and road are dusty. I have sneezed couple of time because if dust particles. Village roads are very narrow. I can see farms, mountains, cow, dog, well and yes mobile phone towers. Bus ride is bumpy as there are some potholes on road.  Whatever it is but i am loving this. This place has not changed alot except some cement houses and mobile towers are come up.
I am planing to meet baba(grandpa) ajji(grandma) mavshi(aunt) and if possible i will see mama(uncle). I like to travel alone. I can roam free when i am alone. I dont have to care about anyone. When i used to travel with my girlfriend i used to take care of her. But now nobody is traveling with me whom i should take care of.
I can see dust getting deposited on my phone. I can also feel some dust particals inside my nostril.
hope this day goes well

Off to Nasik

I am travelling to Nasik. I took a train. I hate travelling by train but i dont have any other option. Its winter season in mumbai but in afternoon time its real hot out here in train. But it doesnt matter more. Its just a three and half hour journey. i can play games or can listen to music in mean time.
Now train has picked up good pace. This is Godavari superfast express which runs between Lokmanya Tilak terminus and Manmad. I can see mumbai local train passing by. I am feeling good because im faster than this local train.
Most passengers are traveling with their family. Children are having fun. Their parents are happy to see their children smiling. I still remember those old days when my family used to travel by State transport bus to my Mama(uncle)’s village. I used to love to sit in window seat. Those were golden days.
I have heard Nasik is very cold in winter. I am very excited to experience cold weather. I am planning to jogg in cold air. Actual reason to visit nasik is to see my niece. Its been long time i havent seen her. Last time i saw her when she was 3 month old. Now she is more than a year.
Now bogie has become crowded. Lot of kids are here with their family. i hate when things becone over crowded. Anyways, now i have left Thane. I could see farm fields and mountains. This route looks very beautiful during rainy season. Lets see how this journey goes.

Evening and mood swings

I really hate my mood swings after i get up from sleep in evening. I feel very sad after that. I feel every single thing around me is sending negative vibes in my body. This is not same always. Very few times i felt very motivated after sleep.
I was hungry. I had dinner before my family. I went angry on mummy. I hate when i behave like this. I really have to work on this mood swings. I have observed one thing. When i get up, if i see darkness around me or when i see nobody around me, i feel sad. Likewise, when i see everyone around smiling and happy, i feel good.