Red Hot Sexy

I grew up driving Maruti Suzuki Omni. Mostly known as kidnapping car. Pappa purchased Omni in the year 2001 and I was in class 8. When Pappa got Omni, he did not know how to drive a car. But later he learnt progressively. I was very inquisitive to drive at that young age. So I asked my next-door-neighbour to guide me on how to drive. Yes, I was under-aged but I was stupid. He took me for a drive and I learnt it within 2 days. I could feel forthrightness while driving. We still have Omni with us. She is still firm and smooth.

As I started working as an aviator, I always wanted to but a new vehicle. So I began the hunt in mid-2015. I arranged a test drive for nearly a dozen cars but there was the only car which held chords of my mind. That was VW Vento TSI. This car has a 1.2 L petrol automatic motor with the turbocharger. I especially loved its sports mode. I never drove a car like this before. All car I took for a test drive could not be compared with Vento. One fine day I went to the showroom and booked Vento.

Soon after several days, my dream smashed. Those days I was also looking for a house to buy in Mumbai. I spotted a nice house in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. My parents liked that estate and we determined to buy it. After working on investments, I figured out that if I want to acquire a house, I won’t be able to order a car because there was a shortage of 10-15 lakh rupees. So I dumped the plan to buy a car. That was a very difficult decision but it was a wise one. Later I bought that same house. It is a dream house with 3 bedrooms and a breathtaking view. Its a dream house for any guy in his late 20s. That time my finances were very tight but I knew it was a sensible decision.

I kept doing test driving for cars in the meantime. Truly speaking I never liked any other car other than Vento. The car which fascinated my was out of my budget. I was idling for the perfect time to buy a car.
As we always say ‘whatever happens, happens for a reason’. I did not buy a car in 2015 but bought a house. Now I have a dream house and I don’t have to worry for the next 30-40 years.

I again started doing a serious search for a car in mid-2018. I did not tell anyone about it. I kept revisiting car showrooms for test drives. But still, there was only one car in my mind and heart. And that was VW Vento TSI. I went to the nearby showroom and enquired about it. There I saw Vento in Flash red colour. It was a sports edition with spoiler, black mirrors and black roof. It was a sexy looking car and at that moment I decided on this car.

I did not inform my parents about it. I wanted to surprise them. They did not even have a fraction of idea about it. I told car showroom not to send any paperwork at my house. If my parents see that paperwork, they will come to know that I am ordering a car. Though my friends and sisters knew about it, I kept it super secret at home. I decided delivery date as 1 Sept 2018. This was my mom’s 54th birthday.

One day before delivery, I went to the showroom to see my car. She was looking sexy. I couldn’t wait to feel her. I told showroom employees to not to reveal anything when I come with my parents to take delivery of the car.

On the day of delivery, I told my parents that I will take them to the temple as it was mummy’s birthday. So they instantly agreed on it. As they were getting ready, I quickly took my camera and tripod and went to the showroom. I placed my camera overlooking my car and so that I could capture every moment. I instructed showroom representative Karan how to switch on the video camera and told him to turn it on when I tell him.

I went home, my mom was wearing saree and dad was wearing a shirt and trouser. We took an auto-rickshaw towards car showroom. I told the driver to stop 100 meters before the car showroom. We all got down and were standing on the road. I told my parents that my friend Nitin is coming with us and we all will go in his car. I made a fake call from my phone and acted that Nitin is coming late. I told my parents “Nitin will take more 15 minutes to come. Let’s stand somewhere here. Or hmmm let’s go to this VW showroom. We will check out some cars until Nitin comes.” My parents agreed.

Auto-rikshaw ride to showroom

I called Karan that we are arriving in 30 seconds and start video recording. He pressed REC button just before we entered the showroom. The moment my father entered the showroom, he went close to the red car and started admiring her. My mom was looking around inside showroom. She noticed Ganesh idol and bowed. I told my parents “VW has nice cars and is advanced. They also have automatic cars. This red car is also automatic and is very comfortable”. My parents nodded. “Let’s hop inside,” I said.
My dad was sitting on the rear seat and mom in the front seat as I was on the driver seat. I was describing my parents about a few feature of this car. I asked my mom did she like this car? She replied “Yes”. I said let’s take this car home today. Happy birthday. This is our car and today we are taking delivery of this car. My parents did not know how to react. They were stunned. My mom started crying. Those were tears of happiness. I never saw my parents so emotional before. I knew they were happy. Their happiness is the sole purpose of my life.

My mom wiped her tears and as we came out, the cake was ready. She cut birthday cake along with a new member of our family. I was very happy. We took keys and drove home in our brand new red car.

The icing on the cake was when I saw my car’s registration number. It’s MH 43 BN 0304. I couldn’t believe it. My date of birth is 3 April. 03 04 means 3 April. I asked Karan if he demanded RTO to grant this special number for my car? He said ” No sir. Neither I nor anyone in showroom did not put any request. You have randomly got this registration number. This was such a pleasant coincidence”.

This car is lucky for me. Car was purchased on mom’s birthday and is registered as my date of birth. Even today I feel goosebumps when I think about this coincidence.

Now when I look backwards, I feel so much proud of myself.

Do check pictures taken on that day. Also, check out my parent’s reaction video.
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I surprised mom on her birthday
Thumps up
Two men admiring
A Dreamer’s Life
Isn’t she sexy?
Moments before we stepped inside showroom

What has changed is ‘Me’

Its been 4 months since I have been working at IndiGo. Life has changed a lot since then. Before joining IndiGo I was studying at Mumbai university. I used to travel to university by local train and followed by bus. I never liked my daily routine. But I had no other alternative. I still remember how tired I used to feel while traveling during those peak hours. From Nerul to Kurla station in local train and then to Mumbai university by BEST bus. After finishing lectures, I used to stand at bus stop during rush hours. Life was very hectic.

But now after 4 months, everything has changed. To operate flights, I travel to airport on same road which passes close to Mumbai University. It’s a road on which i have spent my past three years of college life. Earlier I used to travel by BEST bus and now I travel in sedan car with chauffeur on board. Whenever I pass by university gate, I get emotional. Few months ago i was here, lost and tired. But I had hopes. And now I am living my life which i had dreamed of. Its a same road, it has same potholes, buses are same, bus stands are same, rush of passengers is same. World has remained same as it was. But what has changed is me.

When i was jobless, I used to visit a Jari mari. This place is very close to runway 27 of Mumbai airport. I used to sit there for hours just watch aircrafts taking off and land. But now when I operate a flight from Mumbai, I see Jari Mari from my cockpit window. I have an emotional attachment with that place. Few months ago, I used to sit there and dream about sitting in cockpit. And now i am living a dream life. Aircrafts are same, airport is same, runway is same, Jari mari is same. But what has changed is me.

I often operate Goa flights. I really enjoy flying over goa. Specially while landing on runway 08 of Goa. For this approach, aircraft flies over sea and lands on runway which is few hundred meters away from water. I still remember that time in january 2014, I was in deep trouble. I had failed in university exam, had suffered a heart break and had few financial issues. It was a very tough time. So, to make myself relax, I planned Goa trip with Deepak. I had no money back then so Deepak financed it. When in Goa, I visited Baga beach, Aguada fort, Chapora fort and other places. I remember the evening which we spent at Chapora fort. Me and deepak were lying on defensive wall of Chapora fort. On his phone, Deepak played hallelujah song by Jeff Buckley. As sun went down the sea, i went emotional. I felt was very helpless and lost. I closed my eyes and concentrated on lyric. After few minutes, calm breeze, shining stars and music made me relax. After few moments, I opened my eyes and right there in open dark sky I saw one aircraft was flying over beautiful skies of Goa. That aircraft flew west to east right over my head. I was lying there and was dreaming myself in that aircraft. Music, sound of waves, stars and aircraft gave me courage to believe in myself. Those 20 minutes spent there made me strong enough to fight against odd.

Last week when I flew out of Goa, I gave a quick glance at beach. There I could see Aguada fort, Baga beach and Chapora fort. And suddenly series of memories had flashed in my mind. I have achieved my dream of being in airplane which flew over Goa. It was same Goa, beach was same, Chapora fort was same. But what has changed is me.

I always knew I deserve better place  in life. Since last one year, the whole world has remained same. But what has changed is me. Time does not stop but it changes for sure. It changed for me because I had a dream and only thing I did was – I protected my dream.

Be a dreamer. Life has awesome surprises ahead.

A new role

On april 3rd I was celebrating my birthday with mom (dad was out of town). She had got few pastries and made  Pani puri. That day i turned 26. As we were celebrating, I looked at mom. She was emotional. She said “I have only one wish. I want to see you flying”. I told her”, “Don’t worry mom. Everything is fine. I will definitely get my dream job before your birthday”. I hugged her and we both smiled.

Moms birthday was on 1st September. I did not know how would i get my dream job before moms birthday. Everything was blank in front of my eyes. But i kept telling myself that ‘No matter what, I will get my dream job before 1st September’.

Last year, my ex-girlfriend told me about a book called “The Secret- by Rhonda Byrne”. This book talks about positive thinking and law of attraction. I really thank my ex-girlfriend for suggesting me this book. After reading this book, I kept thinking positive about everything. I made a wish-board and pinned all the things which i wanted. After few months i could see it was working. While surfing through online social communities, i had a chance to talk to a Naina. She is also a believer of Law of attraction. We used to discuss about our respective dreams and things we wanted in life. We were strangers but we still kept our positive conversation. This helped me to stay motivated. She helped me a lot in this process. I really thank her for this. I would never have been so positive without her.

As moms birthdays was approaching, i could see that Law of attraction was working in effective way. By August end i had cleared all selection processes at IndiGo and was waiting for joining letter. I wanted to see my mom to be happy on her birthday. I did not get joining letter till her birthday. But very next day i received a call from IndiGo HR informing about my joining. There it was. Though law of attraction was late by a day, it worked. Mom and dad were in kitchen, i hugged them and said “I will be joining IndiGo a day after. Its a dream come true.” Mom and dad were in tears. I have never seen them that happy ever before.

I joined IndiGo on 4th September 2014. Its been a great journey. If you read my past posts, you will realise how tough it was to reach till this stage. But nevertheless, I made it and i am happy. IndiGo was always a dream company for me. Its a great feeling when i put on my IndiGo identity card or when i see First Officer tag on my company profile.

Its a new beginning. I thank everyone who contributed to this. Thanks to my ex-girlfriend, thanks to ‘a girl who broke my heart’, thanks to all my friends who believed in me, thanks to Naina. Special thanks to my parents, sisters and Ajinkya (my bestie).

I always believed in myself. Never took ‘No’ for an answer. Now i have a new role to play in my life. A role as a Captain Nimish Ghandat, First Officer, IndiGo. I’m loving it.

‘What would I do if I were 22’ Few words from Tony

I found this article written by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. He is an entrepreneur who owns an airline, a football club, a motor racing team and many more. He is a real motivator.
Original article can be found here

What would I do if I were 22? My advice to those just starting out on their careers comes in three parts.

First: Dream the impossible.

I know it seems like an obvious thing to say, and I am sure you’ve heard it a thousand times before. But too often, people dream too small. Not because they can’t dream big but because they have been conditioned to play it safe.

Growing up, my father wanted me to be a doctor. He was a doctor and he wanted me to be one too. I wasn’t keen but he wanted me to try anyway. So to make him happy, I went for the entrance exam. But instead of doing the paper, I took a nap and handed it in empty. I told my father, look I gave it a go but I failed.

Dreams are not enough, though. Everyone has dreams, not everyone works at them. That brings me to the second part of my advice.

Second: Have a plan.

If you know where you want to be, you should have an idea how to get there. You must work towards it. Otherwise, your dreams are just talk. Set yourself a goal, set yourself some targets and figure out how you are going to do it.

It’s hard work, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. But if you are passionate about it, it does not become work, it’ll be a joy to do.

Third: Don’t give up.

Dreams worth having are never easy to achieve, and more often than not, you will encounter disappointment.

Never let failure get you down. It really is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all. You will either learn learn something valuable from the experience, or be that much closer to your dream. Keep pursuing your passion and success will come chasing after you.

When I started AirAsia, everyone told me I was crazy, that it would never work. And, to be honest, I didn’t always know how it would turn out.

But it was a risk worth taking. Now I can say if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I will have no regrets because I have achieved what I set out to do.

And that is the only life worth living.