Tale of four

When I met them for the first time, I felt they were freak, hyper and loud. But as we spent time together, I realised they were my best buddies in entire college. Minu, Nitya and Sahil were best buddies and were not ready to add fourth person to their group. When we started spending time together neither me nor ‘three’ realised that now it was a group of four. I loved the way Minu, Sahil and Nitya accepted me the way I was. During those days I did not know how to fake things. I was very much simple and innocent guy.
Those days neither of us were having cell phones. No facebook, no whatsapp. Only time when we used to interact was when we used to meet in college. The joy of being together was priceless. I never bunked lectures before that. Our favourite spots were reading hall, bench near ladies common room and Ruia college katta. I still remember the day when I, Minu and Nitya had a chalk fight. It was me vs two girls. Later I had to run inside boys toilet to save myself from getting chalked 😛
We celebrated Saree/Tie day at Centre One, Vashi. For the first time in my life I was in suit and tie. Nitya and Minu were looking very beautiful in Saree and Sahil looked smart in dark brown suit.
Sports day was followed by Saree/Tie day. I was representing cricket team as a bower. When captain handed me ball to open bowling attack, I heard loud cheer from Minu and Nitya. I was never been cheered before that. That was a special time. I took three wicket and by the end of match Minu, Sahil and Nitya were totally mad.
We bunked many lectures for Minu’s dance rehearsals, for Sahil’s singing competition practice. Sahil was practicing ‘Rind posh mall’ song from Mission Kashmir and Minu was learning steps for mashup of ‘Ankhiya na maar ve’, ‘Kajra Re’. Unfortunately I was not able to see their live performance.
Life was at the peak of happiness. Everything was perfect. Nobody knew we were about to part away. As december of 2005 arrived, Nitya got confirmation from University in Sydney for further studies. She planned to shift to Sydney in January. Later in april Minu got admission for physiotherapy studies. I failed first year and decided to quit college for medical entrance test preparation. Sahil stayed at college and finished his studies after two years.
Later next year I failed to score good marks in medical entrance test and i got admission for Commercial pilot training. We all four got busy in our respective life. Few years later Nitya finished her studies and decided to settle down at Sydney, Minu went to Indianapolis for further studies and Sahil went to Auckland for MBA and got settled. Meanwhile I finished pilot training and was selected at Air India for Airbus A320 training.
We four are in four different countries. Everyone is doing well in life. I am happy that we all chose right career path. Spending six month together at Ruia was best time for me. I miss it.
Last time I met Sahil was in January 2014, Nitya in 2008 and met Minu in early 2007. Its been a very long time we haven’t been together.
Someday I will see all them together. I hope. Someday…