Study planner

Days at CTE were magical. Those were undoubtedly best moments in my life till now. That feeling of getting trained at Air India is fascinating. Ground training days were tiring and busy going. We all batch mates  never used to get time to relax. Weekend were holiday but saturday and sunday used to expedite. I spent almost all weekend in sleeping. But as TRTO was nearing i started studying sincerely. A week before TRTO was a memorable week. I will never ever forget it. I was almost sleepless for whole week. Divakar and me used to study whole night. Hard work and passion made me pass A320 technical and performance with exceptionally good marks. That day i realised i perform better in pressure situation. I was below average student while ground training but i scored well in final exam. 
Next was simulator training. It was a practical studies which did not require as intense studies as during TRTO. Since then the habit of studying hard is almost vanished inside me. Now when i open FCOM,i don’t feel like studying for more than thirty minutes. 

But now i have to gear up. As per my analysis in next couple of months few airlines will be conducting exams for A320 type rated pilots. I have to plan up my studies. Primary reason to write this blog is, i want to feel confidant in what i am doing. Writing is like expressing my thoughts. And when i express my thoughts, i feel confidant. One may call it a diary, but it is not. Diary is a place where mostly secrets are written. Writing about my efforts to move forward in career is not at all secret. I would love suggestions and comments. It will give me motivation.

Lets get on point. This post is about study planner. Last month Jet Airways conducted exam for pilots recruitment. I was not planning to appear for exam because i am A320 type rated. But at very last moment i decided to write exam. I wanted to see which topics i have to study in detail. After Jet Airways exam i wrote down some topics which i have to really focus on. Those are Electrical system, Landing gear, Oxygen system, Variable pitch propeller, aircraft structure, theory of flight, clouds, air laws, RNP, aircraft categorise. I could answer rest other topics very well. Jet exam was like a mock up for me. Real race is after few months when i will be writing A320 type rated exam. I have heard, for 737  type rated exam, Jet also asked basic CPL questions along with 737 related topics. There are big chances that these basic questions will be asked in A320 type rated exam. I am very weak in meteorology. So have have to study basic meteorology. Specially clouds. 
I have already categorised A320 system in three categorise as per my study needs. Category 1- difficult to understand Category 2- moderate to understand Category 3- easy to understand
Category 1 includes : Air conditioning/pressurisation/ventilation, Auto flight, Flight controls, Fuel system, Hydraulic system, Indicating and reporting system, Landing gear, Pneumatic system, Power plant
Category 2 includes : Communication, Electrical system, Navigation system, Oxygen, Auxiliary power unit
Category 3 includes : Equipment, Fire protection, Ice and rain protection, Lights, Water waste system, On board maintenance system, Information system, Doors
I am planning to study one topic of every category each day. This will make studies interesting and i will cover entire syllabus in short time. In mean time i have to study meteorology. 
This is a blue print of my study planner. I will be modifying it as per need. But my aim will be same. i.e. to study efficiently and effectively.
Topic of the day : Auxiliary Power Unit